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Why Travel to Taiwan?

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Taiwan is a small island right off the south eastern coast of mainland China.  It is one of the most overlooked spots to travel in Asia, which is a shame, because it actually has a lot of spectacular things to see and do!



Here are the top 5 reasons why you should travel to Taiwan:

1.) The Awesome Food

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A lot of foodies agree that Taiwan is definitely a superb enclave for food.  The food is fresh, unique, and also cheap.  One of the best ways to sample Taiwan food is through its night markets in which you can sample all the street snacks, or in Chinese they are called “Xiao Chi” which literally means small snacks.






2.) The Awesome Scenery

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Taiwan offers one of the most dramatic landscapes in the region.  There are numerous national parks worth visiting, such as the Taroko Gorge National Park in Hualien.  The parks are easy to get to, and offers various types of trails for all types of hikers of varying experience levels.



3.) Shopping

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Definitely shopping is one of the highlights in Taiwan.  Mega malls are everywhere in Taipei city where you will find the latest in trends, and if you’re not into malls, there are also night markets everywhere that you find some amazing bargains.



4.) Friendly People

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Almost everywhere you go, you are greeted with smiling faces.  The people of Taiwan are charming and very friendly.  Unlike mainland China, Taiwan does not have the overwhelming feeling where you feel like you are at your wits end.



5.)  Beautiful Temples Everywhere

taiwan temples

Taiwan has a rich historic past, therefore it has some of the world’s finest Chinese temples, which of course is marked as a UNESCO world heritage site.  Step inside one of these temples and your senses will be bombarded with lively incense smoke, the steady chanting of worshippers, and the smell of jasmine flower in the air.






Quick Facts About Taiwan:

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Taiwan is officially known as the Republic of China.  The capital city is Taipei City in the north of Taiwan and form of government is a unitary semi presidential republic.



Visa Requirements: (see here for visa requirements from official Taiwan government immigration website)

Currency:  New Taiwan Dollar – abbreviated as NT$ or TWD  (see currency exchange rate here)

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Population:  The population is about 23 million people.

Time zone:  UTC +8

Language spoken:  Official – Mandarin , Unofficial – Local Chinese Dialects







Electricity:  110V/60HZ (USA plug type)













Country calling code:  +886






Driving standard:  Drives on the right

Top Things To Do in Taiwan:

Check out the below travel guides to find out what are the top things to do in Taiwan.  I have sorted them out by major city or region in Taiwan:

Taipei City

taipei - top things to do in taiwanTaipei City is definitely one of the main places of interest in Taiwan.  It is a cosmopolitan world class city filled with history, art, modern infrastructure, and a booming night life.

Check out the Taipei Travel Guide section here to find out what things you can do there!





Taroko National Park

taroko national park - things to do in taiwanTaroko National Park located in Hualien on the east side of Taiwan is one of the most magnificent nature parks in the world.  Magnificent marble mountains, lush green vegetation, and clear blue springs, what more can you ask for?

Check out the Taroko National Park Travel Guide section here to find out what things you can do there! (coming soon!)

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