All Magic of Flowers in One Flower Shop

My travels took me to so many places in Asia, and I’ve seen pretty much everything that all the different cities have to provide. While I was in Singapore, A Better Florist surprisingly enchanted me with their craft and philosophy. They’re a local flower/gift shop, that really stood out like […]

asia trekking

6 Amazing Asian Countries for a Phenomenal Trekking Experience

Some people go on holiday to relax. Others look for a bit of adventure – and Asia has a lot to offer both kinds of traveller. For those looking to experience Asia by foot, and trek their way through beautiful scenery, we’ve gathered some of our favourite countries. Check them […]

koh samui 1

Island Life: How Does It Feel Like to Live in Koh Samui

Why travel to Koh Samui if not to stay there, potentially for good? The second-largest island in Thailand is one of those places that captivate with their hospitality and intoxicate with their serenity. It’s a dreamland of all who fantasize about spending their time in the seclusion of swaying coconut […]

tokyo tower

7 BAD ASS Things to do in Tokyo

Tokyo, the capital of Japan is one of the most premiere tourist destinations in the world, famous for its nature spots, man-made sites, delectable cuisine, lip smacking beverages, nightlife, and more, if you are geared up to step out of your dwelling, this summer. Here is a list of top […]


Northern Europe x South East Asia: Four Countries, Four Kinds of Beauty

Norway Norway is famous for being one of the best places to see the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis. On top of that, areas with permafrost produce spectacular icy landscapes, seemingly transporting a tourist to another world. The country also rivals the rest of Europe when it comes to art […]


Guided China Tours – What Are The Pros And Cons?

  China is one of the places I instantly fell in love with when I first visited it way back in 2003.  Being a Canadian born Chinese, China was an eye opener for me to appreciate where my “roots” were.  After venturing to the west, south, and northern parts of […]


Man Travels Around The World And Dances With THOUSANDS of Random Strangers!

Watch the video here: I stumbled across this video and was floored!  Over 19 million views of this guy who traveled around the world and at each place he visited, he dances with THOUSANDS of random strangers! And the thing is, I really admire this guy because this is what […]


5 Fun and Free Things to do in Hong Kong

Hong Kong will surprise you with the awe-inspiring views; the verdant terrain, and the glittering skyscrapers among the horizon. Taking in the atmosphere is part of the best thing about Hong Kong, though Hong Kong is probably one of the best places to find things to do that is free. […]

taipei emergency contact

Emergency Contact Information in Taipei City

I’m going to keep this post short and to the point.  Here is a list of emergency contact information in Taipei. Save, print or bookmark this post for your future reference. Better yet, share it out with your friends on Facebook as well…pass the word as this information is not […]

Taiwan 2

The 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit TAIWAN!!

Is there any reason that you should visit Taiwan? The video below show you 5!   Like what you see? SHARE it!

Kyoto's Sagano Bamboo Forest: One of the most beautiful groves on Earth

Kyoto’s Sagano Bamboo Forest: One of the most beautiful groves on Earth

Wow! This place is amazingly beautiful! Kyoto, Japan’s Sagano Bamboo Forest is often featured on website lists highlighting the most beautiful woodlands in the world. Hogon-in Temple is found inside Tenryu-ji, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the five major temples of Kyoto, located near the entrance of […]


Singapore Shiok!

  Let check out what Shiok-ness can Singapore offer!   SHARE the post if you also find it Shiok travelling in Singapore!

Hong Kong

Discover Exciting Hong Kong – Asia’s World City

Are you excited to know more about the exciting Asia’s World City – Hong Kong? Click video below to find out more! Do Share the video clip if you like Hong Kong too!

20 China travel tips that will make your journey easier

20 China travel tips that will make your journey easier

Bookmark these 20 useful traveling tips, will definitely make your trip to China easier and funnier!   Hitting the China travel trail doesn’t have to be a struggle if you arm yourself with the right knowledge. Shanghai taxi drivers don’t like small bills, such as 1 yuan or 5 jiao […]


Wonderful Indonesia – Bali

Bali, an amazing island of the Wonderful Indonesia… Do Like and Share it if you plan to visit Bali in near future!


Taiwan-The Heart Of Asia (English)

Who is ready for the The Heart Of Asia? What to know more about Taiwan, check out the video below, enjoy and nice day ahead   Looks cool, isn’t it? Share it out and let others to watch it too!


The Essence of Asia!

Malaysia, Truly Asia! Get ready to find out more about my beautiful home town, click play and enjoy… You like it? Is time to plan for a trip to Malaysia, there are a lot of amazing and enjoyable experiences awaiting for your arrival! Let share it out to show your […]

Wat Arun

Thailand – Always amaze you!

Check out this commercial video of Thailand, see what can you expect from this beautiful country, and get ready to be AMAZED! Like it? Share it!  

Ultimate Selfie Compilation of Traveling to 36 Countries in 600 Days! - screen shot

Ultimate Selfie Compilation of Traveling to 36 Countries in 600 Days!

Woohoo~~ Let watch this superb 3mins video with selfie compilation of 36 countries that the guy has visited in 600 days! It blew my mind when I first watching, and it still does. [sociallocker id=”5993″]   [/sociallocker] I will come back to this video sometimes when I feel like traveling, […]

How To Pack Your Luggage Like a Pro

Show you how to pack like a pro!

                Found this awesome video showing how to pack like a pro, able to squeeze a lot of stuff into a small bag. I think those items shown in the video are more than enough for a 7 days trip, let’s check it […]

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