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What Are Some of The Things To Do In Taipei?

Taipei is the capital city of Taiwan.  It is situated in the northern tip of Taiwan.  Here is where the central parliament is located.  At a population of about  6 million (including the outer metros) this is actually a pretty big metropolis city.  Funny thing though is that it actually is overlooked by many who visit Asia.  To me it is one of the most underrated places to visit in Asia, Taipei should get more credit than it deserves, it is actually to me one of the BEST places to visit in Asia!  Here are some of the top things to do in Taipei.

There are numerous districts in Taipei that are worth visiting.  I have split them into 7 areas.  They are:

North Taipei

things to do in north taipeiThe northern part of Taipei is one of the most interesting and diverse parts of the city.  There’s hot springs there for those who love them.  For the night market lovers, the largest night market in Taipei is also found here.  There’s something for everyone here!


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Central Taipei

things to do in central taipeiIf you like shopping, then central Taipei has some of the best upscale shopping districts in town.  In fact the original Sogo department store is located there. Also if you’re a crazy Hello Kitty fan, check out the Hello Kitty Sweets Restaurant!

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East Taipei

things to do in east taipeiOnce a dead part of town, it is now a thriving and growing business district.  Some of its highlights are the following.  The landmark Taipei 101 tower is located here, which once stood as the tallest tower in the world.  Also if you’re into shopping for cheap but extremely good quality clothes, then the Wufenpu garment district is the place to visit!

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South Taipei

things to do in south taipeiSouth Taipei offers some breaks from the hectic city life of downtown Taipei.  The south is where the large tea farming industry is found in the region.  Chill out at the top of Maokong mountain and enjoy some freshly brewed tea!  If you’re adventurous, I dare you to try the stinky tofu at Shenkeng district!

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Zhongzheng Area

things to do in zhongzheng area taipeiThis is probably one of the most visited places in all of Taipei.  Here is where the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial is located (if you don’t know who Chiang Kai-Shek is, he is probably the driving force that has shaped Taiwan the way it is today.  Some people love him, while some people hate him.  Whatever it is, it doesn’t matter because this memorial is massive!

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Old Taipei – Datong

things to do in old taipei - datongOne of the oldest parts of Taipei, in the Datong district you will catch a glimpse of how old style Taipei was like.  From Japanese era colonial buildings, to extremely old UNESCO world heritage temples, this is a very fascinating place to be.

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Old Taipei – Wanhua and Ximending

things to do in old taipei - wanhua and ximendingAnother old part of Taipei, the Wanhua and Ximending districts have a unique twist.  It is one of the few areas where you will see olden Taipei mix in peaceful coexistence with modern Taipei.  From the magnificent old Longshan Temple in Wanhua to the young hipsters hangout at Ximending, you will see the colourful contrasts here!

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Other Things To Do in Taipei:

Taipei Food

other things to do in taipei - foodFood is definitely what makes Taipei city a fabulous culinary enclave in Taiwan.  There’s endless selection from large scale restaurants to hole in the wall (but extremely good) restaurants.  Also there’s the thriving night market scene from where you will get your quick fix on some of Taiwan’s best street snacks!

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Taipei Night Markets

things to do in Taipei night marketsI must say Taipei probably has the best night markets in all of Asia.  Unique, never predictable, dynamic, and full of energy Taipei’s night markets bring out the fun for everyone.

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Taipei Temples

things to do in taipei templesTaipei has one of the most diverse and varied types of Chinese temples, where some are even UNESCO world heritage sites.  Visit on temple and you’ll see how lively it can be inside!

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Taipei Shopping

things to do in taipei shoppingIt goes without saying that Taipei is a shopping mecca.  It has its fair share of mega malls, as well as awesome street markets and shopping neighborhoods.

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Quick Facts About Taipei:

Getting In:  The main international airport is the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (airport code: TPE)

Getting Around:   There are many ways to getting around Taipei.  The Metro subway train is by far the best way to get around Taipei.  Pretty much most of the major attractions in Taipei are easily accessible by the subway.  Taxi’s are another great way to get around and are relatively inexpensive.  Buses are another option to get around in the city, but as mentioned above, subways are still the best way to go.

Population:  The entire metro of Taipei (including the outer boroughs) is about 6.9 million people.

Weather:  Taipei has a subtropical monsoon climate.  It experiences 4 distinct seasons.  The average climate data is shown below:

taipei weather


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Other Useful Taipei Travel Tips:

How to Book Train Tickets in Taiwan

how to book train tickets in Taiwan







Sneak Peak at Taipei City

Sneak Peak at Taipei City!

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