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One of the most unique things in Japanese culture is the Japanese anime….from Super Mario to even Hello Kitty…this is one of the most coolest things you can find in Japan.

Read on below on this unique report about anime.  Excerpt from


A portable shrine (above) decorated with Lucky Star anime characters. PHOTOS: YOMIURI SHIMBUN, LEE SEOK HWAI The country hopes to use the global attraction to its manga and anime to help draw tourists, whose numbers the Abe administration ambitiously hopes will swell to 40 million by 2020. As the curtains fell on the Rio Olympic Games, one man stood out as the biggest star of the moment: Super Mario. Or rather, his alter ego, Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. […]

In Asia, Tastes of the Sea

Sushi in Tokyo The chef David Kinch writes about a meal in Tokyo that changed his mind about sushi. During a 2008 visit to Tokyo , a friend surprised me by taking me to lunch and walking me unknowingly into Sushi Mizutani. I had heard of its chef, Hachiro Mizutani, a one-time student of the legendary sushi chef Jiro Ono and a national treasure in his own right. Sushi Mizutani had recently received three Michelin stars. But I failed […]

Oversize Expectations for the Airbus A380

To get a sense of the Airbus A380’s size and ambition, walk up the grand staircase of an Emirates version of the aircraft, past the showers and the first-class suites and then through endless rows in business class to the bar at the back of the upper deck. This sleek semicircle, alluringly underlit and fully stocked with pricey spirits like Grey Goose vodka, is undoubtedly one of the defining features of this aircraft, which can hold more than 500 […]

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A 51-year-old male schoolgirl? Meet Tokyo's inspirational cross-dresser

Woohoo… Who is this pretty lady?

STORY HIGHLIGHTS Japanese society is generally quite traditional and conservative Following an alternative lifestyle can be difficult, but Hideaki Kobayashi took the plunge a few years ago Dressed as a uniform-clad schoolgirl, he gets a lot of attention, both positive and negative He’s been held up as an example of being true to yourself Tokyo (CNN) — In Japan, a country where structure, conformity and security are bedrocks, it is often hard for individuals to break free and follow […]

Geisha hunting in Kyoto: 7 things to know before going to Gion

There are 7 things that you need to know about Geisha, let find out more from the post!

Geisha are found throughout Japan, but Kyoto is considered the birthplace of geisha culture. The city’s historic Gion district is probably the most popular place for seeing geisha. Geisha are found throughout Japan, but Kyoto is considered the birthplace of geisha culture. The city’s historic Gion district is probably the most popular place for seeing geisha. There are easy ways to distinguish between maiko (apprentices, pictured) and geisha. A maiko will have decorations such as flowers in her hair; […]

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Can Vietnamese comics win readers' hearts?

Let read some Vietnamese comics!

Share this page Delicious Digg Facebook reddit StumbleUpon Twitter Email Print Hanoi Nguyen Thanh Phong’s Dragon General The Dragon General is about a military leader who fought off a Mongol invasion Continue reading the main story Related Stories A boy held captive in wooden stocks stares straight ahead, his gaze piercing. In the background, a woman sits on a hammock fanning herself. The arresting image graces the cover of a new Vietnamese comic entitled Long Than Tuong – The […]

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