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Tainan kitchen kings: Around Taiwan\'s food capital in 19 dishes



Danzai noodles – These oil noodles with minced pork and shrimp make one of the most iconic snacks in Tainan. Yes Taipei is the island’s most famous destination, but many of the dishes it was submitting were rooted from its oldest city, Tainan. Here, dishes are whipped up in makeshift kitchens and cheap food — particularly seafood — is king. The challenge is locating the best flavors in a city where public transport isn’t readily available and many older […]

napoli pizza taipei

Taiwanese food is great, but if you want a break from it and just splurge in a good old fast food joint then I highly recommend Napoli Pizza!  It is a fast food pizza franchise in Taipei, and to my surprise it was actually quite good, and quite reasonably priced.  The best thing I found about it was that it combined the best of both worlds….Fried Chicken and Pizza!  What more can you ask for???     Read Full Article →

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