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zhishan garden at national palace museum

Located right within the National Palace Museum complex in Taipei is the Zhishan Garden.  This wonderful garden is a great place to stroll and just relax after walking through the National Palace Museum.  The gardens is a recreation of traditional Chinese landscaping, bringing back the scenery that has inspired many of the ancient Chinese poets and scholars.  The best part is that entrance to the Zhishan Garden is free for anyone who has bought general admission tickets to the museum!  Here’s a quick look at the gardens…     Read Full Article →

national palace museum

Even if you are not a museum person, a trip to Taipei, Taiwan is not complete if you have not visited the National Palace Museum in Taipei’s north end.  The National Palace Museum carries one of the world’s largest collection of ancient Chinese artifacts and is considered the most significant museum there is in the region as it carries over 8000 years of Chinese history.  Here’s a more in depth look around the National Palace Museum.     Read Full Article →

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