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Oversize Expectations for the Airbus A380

To get a sense of the Airbus A380’s size and ambition, walk up the grand staircase of an Emirates version of the aircraft, past the showers and the first-class suites and then through endless rows in business class to the bar at the back of the upper deck. This sleek semicircle, alluringly underlit and fully stocked with pricey spirits like Grey Goose vodka, is undoubtedly one of the defining features of this aircraft, which can hold more than 500 […]

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And the world's best airline is...

Here comes the world’s best airline, you might want to mark it down for your next trip.

Lufthansa took 10th place in this year’s World Airline Awards. The airline is known for providing sleek economy seating with ample legroom. Comfortable with stylish fittings, Etihad airways offer business class seating to make you feel at home. The airline took 9th place in this year’s World Airline Awards. South-Korean based Asiana airlines has a five star rating and has maintained sky high standards since its inception 26 years ago. Garuda Indonesia scored eighth place in this year’s awards. […]


U.N. report: Our oceans are trashed with plastic

A Chinese boy runs along the trash-strewn beach along the sea coast in Anquan village, which is in Hainan province, in 2011.


  • Plastic waste in oceans is causing $13 billion of damage to marine ecosystems each year, new reports say
  • Microplastics smaller than 5 millimeters, which are common in consumer goods, are especially dangerous
  • The solution to the problem is increasing recycling and decreasing unneeded use of plastics

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Plastic is important in our life, in many aspects, but its’ negative impacts to the environment are huge.

Let’s start using alternatives like recycle bag, to cut down usage on plastic at the same time recycle them. Thanks those who have been practicing that, and more people should join in and do the same.

Let’s go green!!!

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