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5 things to know about China\'s \'Inconvenient Truth\'

This is not easy for China.  Their air pollution is quite bad…’s the BIG BUT.  At least they are trying to do something. For a developing country of over 1 billion people, this is not easy, but I think they are getting the wake up call, especially if you can’t even see through the fog of pollutants in your very own capital city.  I really hope they can finally tackle this problem successfully.  When compared to neighbouring India who is also over 1 billion people, China is light years ahead.

What’s your take on this?


A tourist and her daughter wearing the masks visit the Tiananmen Square. Beijing (CNN)If you live in China and haven’t watched — or at least heard about — “Under the Dome,” you must have been living under a rock. The almost two-hour documentary on air pollution in China produced by a famous TV journalist has quickly gone viral since its online release Saturday, clocking millions of views on various video sites and stirring ferocious debates across Chinese cyberspace. Here […]

14 foods overseas Chinese miss the most

Yes definitely as an overseas Chinese Canadian, I would say I miss all 14 of them =)

I think no matter where you are from, you will miss your home town’s food.  But in the end, I still think mom’s cooking is the best!  Love you mom!

Share your thoughts below in the comments.  This is an interesting article, read the article below.

Ingredients are easy to transport, but feelings of home aren’t. Nor are certain specialties that only taste their best in the place they were born. With 56 ethnic groups, eight recognized major cuisines and countless cooking styles, this menu of Chinese favorites could run longer than a finely pulled noodle. But these 14 dishes are almost guaranteed to waken the homesick bug in most mainland Chinese living or traveling abroad. […]

Big Yang Theory: Chinese year of the sheep or the goat?

Is it a sheep or goat?  I thought it was always a goat!  What do you think?

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

A woman takes photographs of sheep at a sheep cafe in Seoul on Feb 6, 2015. The coming Chinese lunar new year has stirred a debate over which zodiac creature – sheep or goat – is the correct one. — PHOTO: REUTERS BEIJING (AFP) – Sheep or goat? China’s coming lunar new year has stirred a debate over which zodiac creature is the correct one – but Chinese folklorists dismiss the fixation on animals as missing the point. Traditional […]

Oversize Expectations for the Airbus A380

To get a sense of the Airbus A380’s size and ambition, walk up the grand staircase of an Emirates version of the aircraft, past the showers and the first-class suites and then through endless rows in business class to the bar at the back of the upper deck. This sleek semicircle, alluringly underlit and fully stocked with pricey spirits like Grey Goose vodka, is undoubtedly one of the defining features of this aircraft, which can hold more than 500 […]

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Strong Quake Kills at Least 175 in Southern China

Our heartfelt condolences on the loss…

BEIJING — A strong earthquake in southern China’s Yunnan province toppled thousands of homes on Sunday, killing at least 175 people and injuring more than 1,400. About 12,000 homes collapsed in Ludian, a densely populated county located around 366 kilometers (277 miles) northeast of Yunnan’s capital, Kunming, China’s official Xinhua News Agency reported. The magnitude-6.1 quake struck at 4:30 p.m. at a depth of 10 kilometers (6 miles), according to the U.S. Geological Survey. Its epicenter was in Longtoushan […]

20 China travel tips that will make your journey easier

Bookmark these 20 useful traveling tips, will definitely make your trip to China easier and funnier!


Hitting the China travel trail doesn’t have to be a struggle if you arm yourself with the right knowledge. Shanghai taxi drivers don’t like small bills, such as 1 yuan or 5 jiao notes. Conversely, in northern and western China, expect market vendors to reject coins outright. You want rice? You gotta say it aloud. Rice is rarely served during a meal in Chinese restaurants, being seen as a cheap way to fill up at the end if needed. […]

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