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My travels took me to so many places in Asia, and I’ve seen pretty much everything that all the different cities have to provide. While I was in Singapore, A Better Florist surprisingly enchanted me with their craft and philosophy. They’re a local flower/gift shop, that really stood out like a flamingo in the flock of pigeons. Even if you’re not a flower enthusiast, you still have loved ones in your life that you want to gift the best and most beautiful things to, and this is bound to be appealing to you.

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If you are going to be traveling in 2017, you need to ensure that you are traveling in style.  You want to make sure that you are traveling in the best way.  Like fashion, traveling all over the globe also requires that you know what is trending and how you want to travel.  Whether you are a young generation hipster traveling to new places, of a seasoned adventurer, it is critical for you to know what is trending so that you know what to expect. Here are some of the most famous 2017 trends. Read Full Article →



Norway is famous for being one of the best places to see the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis. On top of that, areas with permafrost produce spectacular icy landscapes, seemingly transporting a tourist to another world. The country also rivals the rest of Europe when it comes to art museums and galleries according to Lonely Planet.

Entry and exit is usually through Oslo Airport.

Permafrost temperatures remain at or below zero Celsius, so this might be a concern for tourists with a low tolerance of the cold even when wearing thick coats and multiple layers. A good way to address this would be to frequently visit similarly colder countries first to undergo a process called “cold weather conditioning” based on a study by ReWild University.



An archipelago comprised of more than 7,000 islands, many of the beaches here are among the best in the world such as Boracay, Linapacan, Nacpan, to name but a few. The nation is also predominantly Catholic, so there are various festivals that tourists can participate in, as well as churches and structures that are hundreds of years old.

Entry and exit is usually through Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

This airport is often included in the lists documenting the world’s worst airports, so keep that in mind when you travel to the Philippines. A good way to address this is to always make sure that everything is ready and settled, such as check-ins, documents, passports, etc. to avoid delays and spend the shortest time possible inside the facility.

United Kingdom


The UK has many tourist locations, but the most visited are generally situated in the iconic city of London – a city that screams fashion, royalty, and a rich history.

Being home to world class supermodels such as Kate Moss and Cara DeLevingne, and events like London Fashion Week make the city a premier hub for fashion. Buildings like Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey on the other hand, are monuments that showcase the country’s rich royal tapestry. Lastly, the British are known for being polite and well mannered, so there’s almost always a warm atmosphere for anyone visiting the city, locals and foreigners alike.

Entry and exit is usually through Heathrow or Gatwick Airport, but bear in mind that these are among the busiest airports in the world.

This is predominantly due to millions of people visiting the city, and it can lead to crowded tourist attractions, buses, and trains. A good way to address this would be to rent a car, given the city’s multitude of car rental options for all kinds of travellers. At London Gatwick, for instance, you can also easily pick up a vehicle when you arrive, as the terminals are nearby the car parking bays according to Parking4Less. This way, it’s easy for guests to venture out of London and visit other parts of the United Kingdom if they so wish.



If visiting temples is your cup of tea, you won’t be disappointed with what Thailand has to offer tourists. Home to more than 40,000 Buddhist temples, as specified in The Crazy Tourist, it’s almost impossible to pick where to go, but thankfully there are recommendations all over the internet that you can check research to find the right one for you.

Entry and exit is usually through Suvarnabhumi Airport.

The roads here usually experience heavy traffic as stated by Country Reports. A good way to address this is to allot extra time to your travel time, or just avoid the roads altogether and walk as often as you can. Just be sure to exercise proper caution.

Japan Tour Guide

This is an interesting post, I am writing this post based on an experience I had while in Tokyo that completely blew my mind.  It was a pleasant surprise that I never would have came across if I never saw that big yellow sign.  In the end I thought it was a genius idea and most importantly a really really great initiative!  So here’s how it all started…

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China is one of the places I instantly fell in love with when I first visited it way back in 2003.  Being a Canadian born Chinese, China was an eye opener for me to appreciate where my “roots” were.  After venturing to the west, south, and northern parts of China, I’ve begin to realize some of the pros and cons of signing up for that next guided China tour.   If you are planning to visit China anytime soon, then this post maybe helpful for you to determine whether you should visit China off the beaten path by yourself (i.e. going solo), or signing up for a packaged China tour offered by many tour guides and agencies.

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Hotel-Istana Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

After a 4 hour drive zipping down the north south highway from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur we arrived to the 5 star Istana Hotel.   Originally we booked a deluxe room at only 100 Singapore dollars per night, considering it was a 5 star hotel right in the middle of the city (6 min walk to the Petronas Towers and 3 min walk to Pavillion /Bukit Bintang area) it was a bargain!!!

But there was more!  Watch the video below to find out what happened…Christmas came early with this nice little surprise… =)

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Holiday Inn Pattaya Thailand

Just recently came back from my 1 week trip in Pattaya Thailand!    What an amazing place to visit.

And what makes it even more amazing was the fact I opted to stay in the Holiday Inn Pattaya hotel.  Glad I made that choice!  Amazing service, amazing price, amazing location and amazing views of the ocean from all the rooms!

Watch the video below for my complete review of the hotel room:

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Watch the above review video…it was an accident on how I stumbled across this amazing hotel.  Glad that I did stumble upon this!  Time to add one more place on my bucket list this year =)

5 star hotel in the most happening place in Bali (central Kuta) and right along the famous Kuta beach.  Clean rooms, big open windows, and awesome staff and service.  Near all the famous landmarks in Kuta!

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There’s something about Asia that makes it strangely attractive.  Something about it makes it so alluring that I believe every traveler must at least visit one of the places in this huge continent.

When I first left North America to a little island known as Singapore over 10 years ago, I had no idea what Asia was really about.  Yes my parents were from Hong Kong, and hence I grew up in an “Asian” family…but really I had no clue what this part of the world was really about.

I was born in a small border town in Canada across from Detroit City.  I grew up to listening to Pearl Jam and watching hockey games, and waking up at 5:00 am to shovel my car out of the snow.  That was all I knew at the time, shockingly about the rest of the world…

Really I had no clue, only little hints that I got about what Asia was when …  Read Full Article →

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