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WuFenPu (五分埔), the largest garment wholesale market in TaiPei (台北). Up to 1,000 shops selling huge variety of products like clothes, bags, shoes, jewelry, accessories, etc with reasonable price range. For those who likes trendy and creative fashions, WuFenPu will be a place that you won’t want to miss. It opens daily from around 1100 to 2200, do take note the operating hours is just for reference, some shops might close earlier.

RaoHe Night Market (饒河街觀光夜市), absolutely a good choice to fulfill your craving for local foods after tired shopping in WuFenPu. The 600 meters long night market was located on RaoHe Street, setup in year 1987, was one of the oldest night markets in TaiPei. You can find plenty of delicious local foods and also other products like clothes and accessories there. Its operating hours is from 1700 to 0000 daily.

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YangMingShan ZhuZiHu (台北阳明山竹子湖), a refreshing and peaceful rural area with altitude of approximately 670 meters that located between Mountain DaTun (大屯山), Mountain QiXing (七星山) and Mountain XiaoGuanYin (小觀音山). It will be full of beautiful Calla Lily (海芋) during blossom season from Feb to May, while Mar and Apr are the best months for visiting.

ZhuZiHu was a barrier lake formed after volcanic eruptions, left behind a fertile land after lake water receded. With also the exceptional climatic and rich spring water, all these create a great environment for agricultural and the place eventually became a rural settlement. ZhuZiHu was used to be full of bamboo, wind blowing through the whole bamboo forest created a scenery looked like waves of a huge bamboo lake, and that came the name ZhuZiHu (Bamboo Lake).

We were so glad that have visited ZhuZiHu in end of Apr, able to witness the beauty of Calla Lily at its’ best moment of blossom season.

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NingXia Night Market (宁夏夜市), a very popular TaiPei (台北) night markets among locals. There were numbers of stalls selling authentic and delicious local foods with reasonable price, one of the main reasons why the night market always so crowded with both locals and foreign tourists. It was one of the “not so commercialized” night market in TaiPei, plan for a visit if you are like us who want to feel and experience the local culture and activities. NingXia Night Market was located at Ningxia Rd, Datong District, Taipei City, 103 (台北市大同區宁夏路), available from 1600 to 0200 daily.

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Kyoto's Sagano Bamboo Forest: One of the most beautiful groves on Earth

Wow! This place is amazingly beautiful!

Kyoto, Japan’s Sagano Bamboo Forest is often featured on website lists highlighting the most beautiful woodlands in the world. Hogon-in Temple is found inside Tenryu-ji, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the five major temples of Kyoto, located near the entrance of the Sagano Bamboo Forest. Japanese macaques, or snow monkeys, are the most northerly-living non-human primates, say scientists. Mount Arashiyama’s Iwatayama Monkey Park is home to some 100 of the cute — but occasionally aggressive — […]

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DanShui/TamSui (淡水), a small charming city in the north of TaiPei (台北), that offers relaxing and laid back environment and atmosphere, huge variety of delicious local cuisines, beautiful sceneries, fun games and many more, a wonderful place that you will not want to miss. Everything seems moving slow at this laid back place, be it the people cycling slowly along waterfront’s pathway, senior citizens fishing at the docks, or the couples watching sunset… I like it…

Thanks to its location that wasn’t far from TaiPei, DanShui was always been popular among locals especially city dwellers could have a break there, enjoying their coffees along the riverside with the beautiful sunset view.

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danshui scenery

Day 5, we are here in TaiPei (台北)! We continued our Taiwan trip covering TaiPei area, decided to start with nearby attractions and have a relaxing day. All places that we visited on day 5 are reachable via TaiPei MRT (台北捷運), more information will be covered in my posts.

Are you EXCITED and READY for more content and photos on these attractions? Click on the chapter selection below to read on for day 5!

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travel to taipei

LongShan Temple (龙山寺), a very famous Buddhist Temple in TaiPei (台北) that was dedicated to the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy – GuanYin (观音). The temple was founded and built in year 1738, then a reconstruction in 1919 which completed in 1924. It is located in district of Manka (艋舺 ), with address No. 211, Guangzhou St, Wanhua District, Taipei City, 10853 (台北市万华区广州街211号). It opens daily from 0700 to 2200, admission free. If you are interested to know more about its history, find out  LongShan Temple (龙山寺) Webpage for more detailed introduction.

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Color Studio RoomA8 - 3

Color Studio 2nd branch (西門町調色盤2館) was used to be called Color Mix, not sure about the reason for name changing. It was one of the most famous accommodations in XiMenDing (西門町), TaiPei (台北). I ever stayed at their 1st branch few years back, I was a happy customer. Now, let see if the 2nd branch is as good.

Color Studio 2nd branch was located within 華壽西門聯合大廈 at No. 24, Kangding Rd, Wanhua District, Taipei City, 108. Around 12-15mins walk to XiMen Metro Station (捷運西門站), slightly further compare to 1st branch which took us only 5-7mins. It was so near to Ximending Cinema Street (西門町電影街), like 3mins walking distance, and around 8mins to XiMenDing shopping area. Numbers of restaurants and convenient stores were within walking distance, overall its location was convenient and good.

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XiTou  Monster Village (溪头妖怪村), an interesting Japanese style attraction, one of the hottest tourism spots in Nantou (南投). The place full of creativity, from concepts, buildings, foods, souvenirs, to the “creatures” staying there… Monster Village was located at the entrance of Xitou Nature Education Area (溪頭自然教育園區), with address No. 2-3, Xingchan Rd, Lugu Township Nantou County, 558 (南投縣鹿谷鄉內湖村興產路2-3號). The place open daily from 1000 to 2000, with free admission. Here is the webpage of XiTou Monster Village, currently available only in Chinese version.

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JiJi Train Station (集集火车站) was built during Japanese Colonial Era, for the purpose of materials transporting for new power plant construction. It was one of the few old train stations available in Taiwan. Locals in JiJi had very limited transportation choices before the JiJi Train Line was constructed, rail push-trolleys and porters were the main one. After since JiJi Train Station was opened for service, JiJi town was able to reach out to other places more easily, and as a chain reaction brought up economies of surrounding villages, thanks for the improvement in their connectivity.

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