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fried minced port with holy basil with fried egg stall 2

This was the last day of our trip, taking afternoon flight, so decided to rush all the way to Chatuchak market early morning after a quick breakfast, a last minute shopping for clothes, souvenir, foods and house decorating items. We wanted to have local street food the one last time for breakfast, and saw these stalls selling Pad La Pow (fried minced port with holy basil and fried egg) and cha yen opposite Pantip Plaza, right across New Petchburi Road, we were so lucky to decide trying.

We had the authentic local breakfast at a small table beside the mobile beverage stall that selling us cha yen. The dish was superb! We didn’t expect a simple local cuisine selling at roadside can be so good! If you are lucky enough to see this same lady in the picture still selling the dish at the same location, don’t hesitate, go ahead and try it out on the spot, eating it hot taste the best.

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Chatuchak market food stalls

On our second day we focused our efforts to visit two distinct markets in Thailand.  One would be the largest street weekend market in all of Bangkok at the Chatuchak Market, and the other is a traditional authentic floating market at Amphawa Floating Market which is just 1.5 hours drive away from Bangkok.

Today will be our day of intense shopping, and yes you guessed it, a day of intense eating once again!  So for all you shopaholics out there and foodies, this is a highly recommended itinerary.

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Chatuchak Weekend Market - Bangkok Thailand

We actually woke up slightly later than expected therefore we skipped breakfast at our hotel and immediately headed out to the Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok around 9:30am in the morning.

So before we begin what is so special about this Chatuchak Market?

Well Chatuchak Market is labeled as the most popular shopping attraction in Bangkok.  It’s in fact the largest weekend street market there is.  It’s so incredible that over 8000 stalls make up this street market.  Just imagine….8000 different vendors selling you goods and knick knacks.

So back to the story…

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