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If you’re looking for a great break from Taipei city life, then a day trip to the Maokong Tea Plantations is highly recommended.  Maokong being a mountainous area in the southern edge of Taipei is famous for it’s tea plantations.  Similar to the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia, because of it’s high elevations, the rich moisture in the soil, and cool temperatures, this makes it an ideal place to grow tea.  In fact Maokong supplies pretty much most of the tea to the entire Taipei region.     Read Full Article →

maokong hiking trail

One of the easiest Maokong Hiking Trail around is the Enlightenment Trail that brings you to see the mysterious rock potholes.  This trail starts directly in front of the Taipei Tea Promotional Center and takes about 1 hour or so to finish.  It is a relatively easy trail to go without any particular hiking gear, as the trail path is well laid out.  Here’s what the trail is like.     Read Full Article →

maokong gondola

The Maokong Gondola (also known as cable car) is a great way to ride to the top of Maokong Mountain from the Taipei Zoo MRT station.  The Maokong Gondola makes several stops along the way to other points of interest in the area, such as the Taipei Zoo, and Zhinan Temple.  The entire ride from Taipei Zoo MRT station to the top of Maokong takes about 30 minutes, and through the entire ride you will see scenic views of the mountains in Taipei.     Read Full Article →

stinky tofu shenkeng

Stinky tofu, what can I say about it?  It is like a love-hate relationship for some people when it comes down to stinky tofu.  Some people just hate it,  while some people just love it.  The smell of stinky tofu to some is unbearable, resembling the smell of garbage, or even worse…poop.  But to me, there’s always a sweet spot in me for stinky tofu….it’s one of those things like durian, an acquired taste where the smell and taste is like heaven!  And just my luck, there is a special district in Taipei where it is considered the holy grail of stinky tofu.  The place is called Shenkeng…and it is probably the best place to be in Taipei for this aromatic tofu snack!     Read Full Article →

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