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danshui scenery

Day 5, we are here in TaiPei (台北)! We continued our Taiwan trip covering TaiPei area, decided to start with nearby attractions and have a relaxing day. All places that we visited on day 5 are reachable via TaiPei MRT (台北捷運), more information will be covered in my posts.

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travel to taipei

LongShan Temple (龙山寺), a very famous Buddhist Temple in TaiPei (台北) that was dedicated to the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy – GuanYin (观音). The temple was founded and built in year 1738, then a reconstruction in 1919 which completed in 1924. It is located in district of Manka (艋舺 ), with address No. 211, Guangzhou St, Wanhua District, Taipei City, 10853 (台北市万华区广州街211号). It opens daily from 0700 to 2200, admission free. If you are interested to know more about its history, find out  LongShan Temple (龙山寺) Webpage for more detailed introduction.

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Color Studio RoomA8 - 3

Color Studio 2nd branch (西門町調色盤2館) was used to be called Color Mix, not sure about the reason for name changing. It was one of the most famous accommodations in XiMenDing (西門町), TaiPei (台北). I ever stayed at their 1st branch few years back, I was a happy customer. Now, let see if the 2nd branch is as good.

Color Studio 2nd branch was located within 華壽西門聯合大廈 at No. 24, Kangding Rd, Wanhua District, Taipei City, 108. Around 12-15mins walk to XiMen Metro Station (捷運西門站), slightly further compare to 1st branch which took us only 5-7mins. It was so near to Ximending Cinema Street (西門町電影街), like 3mins walking distance, and around 8mins to XiMenDing shopping area. Numbers of restaurants and convenient stores were within walking distance, overall its location was convenient and good.

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taipei night market - snake alley

One of the oldest parts of Taipei city that has a distinctive character would be the area surrounding the infamous Snake Alley area near Longshan Temple.  Here in the evening the area comes to life as a giant night market littered thru its many streets and alleyways.  The area was once known as the red light district where people would venture to Snake Alley to get their fix on herbal tonics made with snake to supposedly give them that extra “man” boost (if you know what I mean).  Nowadays however, the place has cleaned up significantly, and while you may not see the red lights anymore, the Snake Alley name still lives on… Here is a quick tour thru Snake Alley and the surrounding areas.     Read Full Article →

modern toilet restaurant

In my previous post about the Hello Kitty Sweets Restaurant, I wrote about one of the many themed restaurants in Taipei City, Taiwan.  Another themed restaurant I visited in Taipei during my recent trip there, was the famed Modern Toilet Restaurant.  I have heard of great stories about this restaurant, and wanted to see what the hype was all about!  So what’s so special about the Modern Toilet Restaurant?  Well, read on and you’ll find out!  😉     Read Full Article →

Taipei Shopping, Ximending

If your looking for the latest fashion trends in Asia while doing your Taipei shopping, then Ximending district is the place to go!  Located right outside the Ximen MRT subway station, you will find this amazing place for your shopping fix.  It is the hang out place for the youngsters in Taipei.  So if you are like in the 30’s like me then you are forewarned!  =)

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bitter melon juice

One of the most unique things I tried in Taipei, Taiwan, was the bitter melon juice.  When I first arrived in Taipei, I noticed the many vendors selling bitter melon juice there.  Sounded kind of wierd…bitter melon juice, it didn’t exactly sound quite appealing.  However my curiosity got the best of me, so when I finally got the chance, I definitely had to try this strange sounding drink.       Read Full Article →

travel to taipei

When you travel to Taipei in Taiwan, one of the “must do” things is to visit the splendid Chinese temples.  One of the most magnificent and probably one of the most important Chinese temples in Taipei would be the Longshan Temple located near the Longshan MRT subway station.  It is a place where you will find centuries old traditions still being practiced by the Taiwanese in this old place of worship.         Read Full Article →

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