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napoli pizza taipei

Taiwanese food is great, but if you want a break from it and just splurge in a good old fast food joint then I highly recommend Napoli Pizza!  It is a fast food pizza franchise in Taipei, and to my surprise it was actually quite good, and quite reasonably priced.  The best thing I found about it was that it combined the best of both worlds….Fried Chicken and Pizza!  What more can you ask for???     Read Full Article →

dihua street

Dihua Street is a charming little street in the Datong District of Taipei.  It is one of the oldest streets in Taipei with a whole stretch of nicely preserved historical buildings.  Its prominence began in the 1850’s and till this day is still an important commerce center for Chinese herbal products, fabrics, and incense products.  Take a stroll at Dihua Street to see how life in the 1800’s was was like in Taipei.     Read Full Article →

baoan temple taipei

Located right beside the Taipei Confucius Temple in Datong District of Taipei is the UNESCO world hertitage site, The Taipei Baoan Temple.  It is very similar in architecture as the Longshan Temple, but one unique thing is the amount of dragons that flank the entire temple grounds.  You’ll see dragons along the column posts, dragons along the rooftop, and even dragons printed on the various lanterns hanging throughout the temple.  The way the temple was preserved so well is also remarkable.  Here’s a closer look at the Taipei Baoan Temple.     Read Full Article →

confucius temple taipei

Located in the old part of Taipei, the Datong District is the Taipei Confucius Temple.  It is modeled after the original Confucius Temple from Shandong Province in mainland China.  If you don’t know who Confucius is, he is probably the most influential ancient Chinese philosopher of all time.  His teachings of ethics and moral values are so profound and influential that till this day most typical Chinese people still cultivate these values.  Strong family values and filial piety are such examples of his teachings that you will definitely see in a typical Chinese family.     Read Full Article →

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