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hot springs in beitou

After enjoying some hot springs in Beitou, Taipei, in Taiwan, one of the best things to enjoy also is the hot pot!  For those of you who do not know what hot pot is, it is basically where you choose your side dishes (raw ingredients) to cook your self in a pot of boiling broth.  This is extremely perfect for those cool days, as eating hot pot will instantly warm you right up!                  Read Full Article →

hot springs hotels - hotspring resort

There are numerous hot springs hotels in the Beitou area of Taipei, Taiwan.  Some of which are actually hotspring resorts, complete with spa centres and fine dining.  However you need to keep note that some of the hot springs hotels in Beitou do not offer real natural hotsprings in their facilities, as some of them simply pump boiling tap water and just mix sulfur powder instead.  After researching some of the hotspring resorts online and also from various travel guides, I have managed to find one pretty decent hot springs hotel to stay at in Beitou.                   Read Full Article →

Taipei Hot Springs - Thermal Valley Hot Springs in Beitou

The Taipei Hot Springs culture is evidently seen at the hot springs in Beitou area.  Resorts have sprung up everywhere in the area providing hot spring bath houses and spas for all classes, from the public dipping pools outside, to the luxurious 5 star hotels with exclusive pools inside.  Lying at the source providing the natural hot spring water in the Beitou area is the Beitou Thermal Valley (also known as Hell Valley).  The Thermal Valley is a natural pond of spring water heated up by volcanic rocks from underneath.  The sure heat of this pool is extreme!             Read Full Article →

Tucked away in the lush garden’s of Qinshui Park in Beitou area of Taipei is the Beitou Hot Springs Museum.  It is a charming Euro-Japanese style building that was once the main public hot springs bath house for the Japanese during their occupation of Taiwan.  This building has been restored as a museum to provide visitor’s a detailed look at the history of Taipei hot springs culture, particularily in the Beitou area of Taipei city, which is one of the main natural hot spring resort areas in Taiwan.          Read Full Article →

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