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hot springs in beitou

After enjoying some hot springs in Beitou, Taipei, in Taiwan, one of the best things to enjoy also is the hot pot!  For those of you who do not know what hot pot is, it is basically where you choose your side dishes (raw ingredients) to cook your self in a pot of boiling broth.  This is extremely perfect for those cool days, as eating hot pot will instantly warm you right up!                  Read Full Article →



We visited Taiwan at the right timing for blossom season of Calla Lily (海芋) in YangMingShan ZhuZiHu (台北阳明山竹子湖), hooray! So we grabbed the opportunity and reserved half a day for the beautiful Calla Lily gardens at YangMingShan ZhuZiHu, to witness the breathtaking scenery in  a refreshing atmosphere… Activity didn’t stop there, we then traveled back to TaiPei town area continue shopping at the largest garment wholesales market in TaiPei, WuFenPu (五分埔). Follow by wrapping up the day by wandering around at RaoHe Night Market(饒河街觀光夜市). Sounds exciting and fun, isn’t it?

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DanShui/TamSui (淡水), a small charming city in the north of TaiPei (台北), that offers relaxing and laid back environment and atmosphere, huge variety of delicious local cuisines, beautiful sceneries, fun games and many more, a wonderful place that you will not want to miss. Everything seems moving slow at this laid back place, be it the people cycling slowly along waterfront’s pathway, senior citizens fishing at the docks, or the couples watching sunset… I like it…

Thanks to its location that wasn’t far from TaiPei, DanShui was always been popular among locals especially city dwellers could have a break there, enjoying their coffees along the riverside with the beautiful sunset view.

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danshui scenery

Day 5, we are here in TaiPei (台北)! We continued our Taiwan trip covering TaiPei area, decided to start with nearby attractions and have a relaxing day. All places that we visited on day 5 are reachable via TaiPei MRT (台北捷運), more information will be covered in my posts.

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ah gei famous tofu and fishball and fish paste danshui

In my last post I mentioned about the many unique snacks and food at Danshui, Taipei.  Definitely if you ask many of the locals, there is one common snack that most will recommend you to try in Danshui.  It is a unique tofu/fishcake dish and the authentic ones can only be found at a place called Ah Gei‘s in Danshui.  This dish is not found elsewhere in Taipei, so my wife and I decided to check out what the hype was all about.     Read Full Article →

fisherman's wharf at danshui taipei

Further down the coast from the Danshui old street area in northern Taipei, is a little port called Fisherman’s Wharf.  It is for many years where fisherman would dock their boats to unload their catch of the day.  It is also a great place where you can enjoy a stroll through the docks and catch the sunset.  Luckily for my wife and I, we reached the Fisherman’s Wharf just in time to see the amazing sunset.  Here’s how it all went…      Read Full Article →

danshui (or Danshuei, Tamshui, Tamsui) old street taipei

Danshui (also known as Danshuei, Tamshui, or Tamsui) is a laid back waterfront town on the northern part of Taipei city.  Historically this is a significant place in Taipei history, where it was one of the main settlements for the Spanish in the 1600’s.  It was also been influenced by the Japanese during the world war era having established its unique 1900’s architecture and infrastructure.  Its a great place to just stroll around, grab some great food, and just soak in the atmosphere.  Ever since I first stepped foot at Danshui, there was something about it that left a lasting impression on me.  Here are some of the reasons why I love Danshui so much.     Read Full Article →

guandu temple

Nestled near a sleepy sea side community on the northern end of Taipei is the magnificent Guandu Temple.  Taiwan is known for a lot of beautiful Chinese temples, and Guandu Temple is no exception.  Little is known about this temple in the various guide books, however I was glad I took the chance to visit it.  The minute I step foot into the Guandu Temple, I was simply taken away by its remarkable architecture and beauty.  Out of all the temples I have visited in Taipei, I consider Guandu Temple one of the best.     Read Full Article →

zhishan garden at national palace museum

Located right within the National Palace Museum complex in Taipei is the Zhishan Garden.  This wonderful garden is a great place to stroll and just relax after walking through the National Palace Museum.  The gardens is a recreation of traditional Chinese landscaping, bringing back the scenery that has inspired many of the ancient Chinese poets and scholars.  The best part is that entrance to the Zhishan Garden is free for anyone who has bought general admission tickets to the museum!  Here’s a quick look at the gardens…     Read Full Article →

national palace museum

Even if you are not a museum person, a trip to Taipei, Taiwan is not complete if you have not visited the National Palace Museum in Taipei’s north end.  The National Palace Museum carries one of the world’s largest collection of ancient Chinese artifacts and is considered the most significant museum there is in the region as it carries over 8000 years of Chinese history.  Here’s a more in depth look around the National Palace Museum.     Read Full Article →

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