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CheCheng Train Station (車埕火车站 ) was the last station of JiJi Train Line, well known as the most beautiful train station.  It was located at CheCheng Village (車埕村) with address 553, Nantou County, Shuili Township, 民權巷2號, which nearby MingTan Reservoir (明潭壩頂). During Japanese Colonial Era, push-trolley track was built between PuLi (埔里) and CheCheng to transport sugarcane produced from PuLi sugar factories. Up to hundred of push-trolleys stopped at CheCheng during sugarcane transporting, because of that locals called the placed “car depot” and that was how the name CheCheng came from.

Several years later, JiJi Train Line was built for construction of a new power plant, and CheCheng was included as one of the important stations in transferring construction materials and timber. Originally, CheCheng Station was built of steel and concrete, but it was damaged badly during 921 earthquake. It was then being rebuilt with timber, the design and architectural look classical.

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