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Mysterious potholes in the solid cliff faces, along with magnficent rock formations are found throughout the Swallow Grotto Trail at the Taroko Gorge National Park.  These dramatic rock formations and potholes are the highlights of this trail.  I am guessing these rock formations were basically millions of years old formed by years of earth quakes, ice, water and volcanic activity.  I’m no geological expert, but all I can say it is simply a marvel to hike through this simple trail.                              Read Full Article →

After exploring the Shakadang Trail, the next stop for my wife and I to explore Taroko Gorge was the Eternal Spring Shrine.  About 1 to 2 km down the road from the entrance of the Shakadang Trail lies the Eternal Spring Shrine that is nestled in the corner of a valley, sitting peacefully while spring water flows underneath it.  The story behind this shrine was that it was built by the Taiwanese government to commerate the 226 personnel (most of whom were military veterans) who died in the 1950’s during the construction of the Central Cross Island Highway that cuts right through the mountainous range of Taroko Gorge.  Looking at the spring water that flows naturally underneath the shrine, along with the rich vegetation all around, it was a very peaceful and serene site.        Read Full Article →

Clear blue water rushing through smooth marble rocks surrounded by lush green vegetation and dramatic marble cliffs, this is the scenery of the Shakadang Trail at the Taroko Gorge National Park near Hualien City, Taiwan.   The main focal point of this trail is the crystal clear Shakadang River that flows through it.  The trademark of this river is its rich blue colour (sometimes with a tinge of green), which is attributed by the mineral deposits in the rocks that the river flows over on.  According to the guide that took us through this trail, rain or shine, the river is always clear and never murky.  Simply a very stunning trail to explore…        Read Full Article →

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