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Singapore is a well developed country with very good public transportation services. You can travel to most of the places in Singapore by public transport. Your journey planning is never easier by using useful online tools and websites that I am going to provide below.

Journey Planner

Gothere website– A useful website for journey planning that I have been using, cover all areas in Singapore and so user friendly. Provide services like location search, navigation (distance, various transportation options, taxi fare,…), facilities and amenities nearby,  etc. I personally like the ERP fee indication, always remind me to get my cash card ready or take another route.

gothere website

Gothere website, a useful and easy to use online journey planner for Singapore.

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Sentosa Island Beach Station

Sentosa Island is a well known landmark and tourism spot in Singapore, it offers huge variety of attractions and activities that you won’t want to miss, could spend a few days exploring the interesting place!

 I had allocated a full day to visit Sentosa Express’s Beach Station area, starts with Underwater World & Dolphin Lagoon, follow by Skyline Luge ride, plate spinning and diabolo, and end the day trip with Song of the Sea.

 Are you READY?  Then click on the chapter selection below to read on for the day trip!

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Jellyfish 3

I always wanted to have a day trip to Sentosa, but it was too huge to cover everything within a day, so eventually planned a visit to Sentosa Express’s Beach Station area and bought 5-in-1 Sentosa Family Value Package – Adult for S$32 per pax. The package Cover admission tickets for Underwater World, Dolphin Lagoon, Luge Ride, Sky Ride & Song of the Sea.

Getting to Sentosa

There are several ways, below are 3 of them with starting point at Harbourfront MRT. I have also included 2 useful links for journey planning in Singapore, SBS Transit journey planner & Gothere:

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Sky ride & luge ride station 1

I had been waiting for Skyline Luge the whole afternoon, couldn’t wait to start. First we took Skyline Ride at the ending point of Luge Ride all the way up to the top where we started taking Luge Ride. Skyline Ride was fun, it offered scenic bird’s eye view of Sentosa Island, Singapore city Skyline and South China Sea while enjoying the refreshing air blowing to our face, like!

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Singapore is an island city state, just off the cost of Malaysia in South East Asia, Singapore is made up of 63 different islands and once was part of Malaysia, gaining its independence in August of 1965. There is a lot of natural history in the local area as well as plenty of colonial history dating back to the British rule of the area. Singapore has lost much of its natural rainforest and is a very urbanized landscape. There is plenty on offer to see and do though in this wonderfully cosmopolitan city.

  • Singapore Zoo/Singapore Botanical Gardens
  • Universal Studios
  • Shopping
  • Night Safari
  • F1 Grand Prix

There is a lot to see and do when you visit Singapore.

The Zoo and Gardens

Both of these attractions are a good way to see some of the Flora and Fauna which is native to South East Asia. You also get to see species from other parts of the world as well. The zoo and gardens are a great was to spend a couple of hours and explore the sights and sounds that are on offer. You can even take in a Night Safari as well where you will see nocturnal animals coming out and being fed, a bit more natural than a normal zoo setting. All of the plants and animals at all three of the destinations are well looked after, and they have very high standards set by themselves.

Universal Studios

Universal Studios has been very popular since it opened in March 2010. There are a mixture of rides there which will help the kids of all ages have fun, including mums and dads. From the Transformers: The Ride 3D experience, to the thundering Battlestar Galactica Rollercoaster, there is plenty to get you screaming with joy at all of the fun you will be having. There are plenty of places that you can grab something to eat in between the roller coaster riding, don’t eat too much though, wouldn’t want it coming back up on the next ride!

F1 Grand Prix

If you love things loud and also love fast cars, then try making your trip coincide with the Singapore F1 Grand Prix which usually happens in September of each year. The circuit is made up of the streets through the city, and it is held at night time making it a truly spectacular spectacle to behold. This is a very popular time of year to come though, so you need to book early. You will find things going on from the Thursday before the race, with the race being on the Sunday evening. You will need to make sure you have your ear plugs for the weekend though as the F1 cars are not only fast, but they are very loud as well. Due to the high demand when the F1 team is in town, it is not only the busiest tome to come but also the most expensive, so if you are looking for a cheap holiday abroad, Singapore may not be for you at this time of year.


If shopping s more your thing then you will not be disappointed with Singapore. There is always a sale on somewhere, and you have some of the best shopping malls in all of Asia here as well, so lots to choose from. As you are a tourist you can get a VAT refund when you leave the country, which can make some items that you buy very cheap indeed. You have a mixture of all of the big well known fashion designers with their own stores, to off the shelf fashion boutiques and small market with high quality, practical and cheap ensembles available so all wallets can shop easily in Singapore. There are also plenty of tailors who can make your bespoke clothing and custom made suits at very reasonable prices. After all of that shopping, you can stop off at a restaurant or a café and sample some of the local foods on offer. You will be able to find traditional Malay and Chinese dishes as well as plenty of western fair as well. Whether you stay in Singapore for your entire holiday, or just stop off for a few days passing through, you will sure to have an amazing time when you visit this pearl of the orient.

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Ted Hunter has written this article. Ted loves to travel with his family and comment about his trip in the articles and blogs posts that he writes. He looks cheap holidays from Travel Republic.

Besides the Chinatown Food Street, there are an abundance of other good hawker centres (or food centres) around Singapore’s Chinatown.  The main difference between these “other” hawker centres and the Chinatown Food Street, is that these hawker centres provide a way more authentic local experience, way more variety, and way cheaper price to eat and drink.  Here is a quick overview of the three hawker centres around Chinatown that I recommend to check out.         Read Full Article →

While waiting for my A380 flight to Tokyo a few weeks back, I stumbled upon some very creative perks at Terminal 3 of Singapore’s Changi International Airport.  Terminal 3, being the newest addition to Changi Airport is a fresh and modern looking airport that tries to bring nature to its travellers.  You will see live plantation throughout Terminal 3, with gardens, palm trees, and water fountains.  In addition, to my surprise there was a butterfly garden (yes with LIVE butterflies) within its departure/arrival gates.  The best part was that it was FREE!   Read Full Article →

In my previous post, I took you through the Chinatown in Singapore that everyone knows, the one that you will see in the nice postcards, and in all the tourist brochures.  There is however another side of Chinatown, a side that has a way more local charm that most tourists failed to visit.  It is basically on the opposite side of Eu Tong Seng Street, in an area commonly known as the People’s Park Complex.  Read Full Article →

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