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Genting Highlands, Malaysia, famous for its casinos, bars, glitz and entertainment! A place dubbed “The City of Entertainment” where gamblers trying their luck to win it big.  Starting to sound like the city of sin doesn’t it? Well guess again!

Apart from the congested and smokey casinos filled with folks dreaming of winning it big, there is a more gentler, a more peaceful, and shall we say it, a more holy side of Genting Highlands. Read Full Article →

Just cleaned up a previous post on transportation essentials to Genting Highlands, Malaysia and have now submitted to Ezine Articles for everyones reference. Its quite an important article for those are intend to drive to Genting by themselves! Can’t stress that enough. Cheers and safe travels as always!

Here’s the post in the Ezine Articles:,-Malaysia-Transportation-Guide&id=6365740

At Genting Highlands there is a variety of accommodations to choose, from the budget hotels, to the more exquisite high end hotels.

Here is an overview of popular hotels at Genting Highlands:

First World Hotel

View of First World Hotel as seen from the Genting Theme Park

First World Hotel is the largest hotel in Genting.  It has over 6000 rooms, and was once the world’s largest hotel in terms of number of rooms.  It is the most popular hotel for the locals, as they offer cheap affordable rooms, and it is located conveniently near the bus terminal, as well as the cable car station.  That being said, the rooms are quite small, and very basic with just a simple bed and small shower and toilet.  So don’t set your expectations to high for this hotel.
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There are many travel options when travelling to Genting Highlands in Malaysia.  Here are some recommended transportation options to Genting Highlands.

Getting there – Transportation Options
Getting to Genting Highlands can be an enjoyable or a hectic experience dependent on the mode of transport and also on the weather conditions.

By Car:

By car is by far one of the most popular modes of transportation to Genting Highlands.  It is only about 45 minutes to an hour’s drive from the city centre of Kuala Lumpur.  From Singapore, it can take about 4 to 5 hours (dependent on at what speed your drive on the highway).  Driving up by yourself has its advantages, it provides you the most flexibility as you can tour around the surrounding areas (such as Kuala Lumpur) first before making the journey up the mountain to Genting.   If the weather is good, then you will have quite a scenic experience up the mountain.  However there are a few things to take note when going by car:
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Here is the first of my mini travel series on! I will be updating time to time on different destinations that I have travelled to, providing practical travel tips, useful insights, and unbiased and up to date (I will try my best to keep it as accurate as possible) travel information. So here it goes, and hope you find it useful! Enjoy and please do leave your feedbacks!

GO GO GO Genting Highlands – Part 1!


My journey begins at Genting Highlands, located in the state of Pahang in Malaysia. So what is unique about Genting Highlands? Genting (pronounced “Gun – Ting”, and not “Jen – Ting”!) is basically the first, and only casino in all of Malaysia. Doesn’t sound so special right? Well did I mention that it was built on top of a freakin mountain?!?!  I heard from some people refer it as the “Las Vegas of Malaysia”, but in my opinion, I would say that is not a good comparison. Not that it is a bad thing….and this is why.
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