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Back in the 12th Century, what we know as Tokyo today, was actually called Edo:

Japan’s political center.

When Ieyasu Tokugawa picked Edo as the site for his castle, it was just another

normal village. As shogun (a hereditary official who aided in the governing of Japan,

aside from the emperor), Ieyasu felt that with the building of a castle, after the

hundred-year long civil war, warlords would not be able to strip him of his power.

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Japan Tour Guide

This is an interesting post, I am writing this post based on an experience I had while in Tokyo that completely blew my mind.  It was a pleasant surprise that I never would have came across if I never saw that big yellow sign.  In the end I thought it was a genius idea and most importantly a really really great initiative!  So here’s how it all started…

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Sheraton Miyako Hotel Tokyo

Recently I stayed at the Sheraton Miyako Hotel in Tokyo, Japan for about 1 week.  And boy oh boy, it was quite the hotel….as always here’s my unadulterated review of my stay at the Sheraton Miyako Hotel Tokyo.   This was my first time staying at the Sheraton Miyako in Tokyo…

Reporting straight from the field, with no fluff and holding nothing back, just my straight honest review of this hotel:

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