Who Am I?

My name is Alec.  I’m a Canadian from Toronto.  My PASSION is to travel!   And my PASSION is about Asia!

My passion  started when I was a college student in 2003 taking a chance with a student exchange program to Singapore. I remember one morning, a college professor went up to the front to talk about student exchange opportunities around the world.

It sounded like a great deal…just pay your home tuition fees, and none of your marks from your exchange program school will be recorded on the transcript (which was another way of saying, all you needed was to pass overseas, and it will not affect your transcript!)

Out of all the places in the world I could have chose, I decided to choose Asia.  And out of all places, I chose Singapore to participate in the program!  I really don’t know why I originally did that, but something curious about Asia hooked me in AND REALLY THIS WAS THE TURNING POINT OF MY LIFE!

To give you some perspective, I was born in a small border town in Canada across from Detroit City.  My parents were from Hong Kong and migrated to Canada in the late 70’s and since then has called Canada their one and only home.  I grew up to listening to Pearl Jam and watching hockey games, and waking up at 5:00 am to shovel my parent’s car out of the snow.  That was all I knew at the time, shockingly about the rest of the world…and until then I never left North American soil!

Really I had no clue, only little hints that I got about what Asia was when …

I heard it on the news that all the action was in Asia – world cup was in Japan and South Korea at the time, while Hong Kong, China, and Singapore was hit hard by SARS.

I heard it from school that it was the place to be as it is economically “booming”, where China has been growing rapidly while the four Asian Tigers: South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore were becoming prosperous nations.

I heard it from my dad and grandma about how they still had family members living in their rural hometown village in mainland China, and strangely they knew who I was, but I had no idea who they were.


I left North America for the first time ever in 2003 to participate in the exchange program for 1 whole year in Singapore.  I was nervous at first, but ever since then I have never looked back! 

Now I call Singapore my second home.  My beautiful wife is a Malaysian, and I am grateful to have two sons.  I dearly have fell in love with Asia.  

The food, the cultures, the history and scenery and of course, the amazing people have hooked me in.  Something about the pulsating energy and the controlled chaos in Asia has sparked a deep passion in me.  

So many years has gone by now, but the Asia exploration continues on.  I have so far travelled and explored Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, India, and Japan….

BUT this is just the beginning….

I have only just got started… and I invite you and welcome you to continue with my journey in Asia.

What I Do?

I travel. I eat. I drink.  I explore and learn what the locals do and appreciate the different cultures.  I take these incredible learnings and experiences and sum it all up to share with the rest of the world.  I provide thoughtful insights to my journeys as well as useful travel tips, and I hope with my unique Canadian and Asian background to plug the cultural gaps on Asia.

Furthermore what annoyed me the most was the lack of clear directions and information on the web to get around in Asia.  I decided to take this as one of my biggest missions to provide clear and concise travel guides to all the major destinations across Asia so you can travel faster, cheaper, safer, and most importantly have a better appreciation and insight to Asia.

Why I Do It?

The world is such a huge place.  It is so rich in diverse cultures, and histories, with dramatic scenaries and landscapes!  My belief is that life is too short, so you must make the most of it and experience as much as you can in this world!  At the same I believe that I can make a positive impact in this world by sharing these insightful travel experiences and tips to help other people.

Welcome to AlecTravelGuide.com!  This is indeed your gateway to Asia!




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