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There’s something about Asia that makes it strangely attractive.  Something about it makes it so alluring that I believe every traveler must at least visit one of the places in this huge continent.

When I first left North America to a little island known as Singapore over 10 years ago, I had no idea what Asia was really about.  Yes my parents were from Hong Kong, and hence I grew up in an “Asian” family…but really I had no clue what this part of the world was really about.

I was born in a small border town in Canada across from Detroit City.  I grew up to listening to Pearl Jam and watching hockey games, and waking up at 5:00 am to shovel my car out of the snow.  That was all I knew at the time, shockingly about the rest of the world…

Really I had no clue, only little hints that I got about what Asia was when …  Read Full Article →

Find out what I would pack for my summer expeditions all across Asia?  You will be quite surprised how simple but important these items are to me!

Also I need to pack my prescription glasses…especially some shades, but like I said in the video, my glasses broke! (Long story short…just don’t let your 3 year old ever play with your glasses ever again..haha)

Here are some new ones I’m thinking of getting…what do you think of them?  I think they look pretty cool.

Cool looking black shades

I like the frames on these!

This just looks cool


So what would you pack on your summer excursions across Asia?  Feel free to leave a comment below!


Hong Kong will surprise you with the awe-inspiring views; the verdant terrain, and the glittering skyscrapers among the horizon. Taking in the atmosphere is part of the best thing about Hong Kong, though Hong Kong is probably one of the best places to find things to do that is free. With all the temples, beaches and trails, there is something for everybody to do.

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