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Recently I stayed at the Sheraton Miyako Hotel in Tokyo, Japan for about 1 week.  And boy oh boy, it was quite the hotel….as always here’s my unadulterated review of my stay at the Sheraton Miyako Hotel Tokyo.   This was my first time staying at the Sheraton Miyako in Tokyo…

Reporting straight from the field, with no fluff and holding nothing back, just my straight honest review of this hotel:

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My First Impressions

What I can say is this, the Sheraton Miyako Hotel Tokyo is definitely a solid and reputable hotel in Tokyo Japan.  It lives up to the Sheraton brand in terms of its quality and affordability.  Furthermore, like most top notch hotels in Japan, the service is impeccable.  The staff and crew at the hotel is beyond a doubt world class in making sure you feel comfortable.

This was the first thing I noticed upon entering the hotel, from the friendly door greeter opening the doors for you, while the bell hop gets ready to take your luggage and directs you to the check in desk just to make you feel at ease from after a long and tiring flight from Singapore.

As for a foreigner like me who does not understand a single drop of Japanese, the staff at the hotel is very knowledgeable in English, which was impressive.  Even the house keeping crew knew pretty good English.

The Location

The Sheraton Miyako Hotel Tokyo is located right in the smack of downtown Tokyo.  It’s strategically located near the Harajuku and Shibuya areas, which is pretty much where all the excitement is in Tokyo.

What’s more convenient is that its located about only 5 minutes walk to the nearest Tokyo Metro Subway station, and not only that the hotel provides complimentary shuttle bus service to the nearest JR train line stations, which is Meguro and Shinagawa.   Because of this strategic location to the train stations, you can access all the major attractions in Tokyo in a heart beat.

Getting to the hotel was super easy, especially if you are arriving via Haneda airport.  The train ride from Haneda was only about 45 minutes in total, assuming you catch the trains in time.

Super easy, and super convenient place!

The Hotel Room

I stayed in the normal standard room.  And the first immediate thing I noticed was that this was not your ordinary small sized room in Tokyo.  As with many other major hotels in Tokyo, it is typical that the room is smaller than most other hotels from the rest of the world.  This is mainly due to the space constraints in Tokyo.  But with the Sheraton, the rooms were actually quite spacious!

I had the room that had an amazing view of the forest park in the back…so it was quite awesome.

The rooms were stocked with good solid beds, and comfortable linings, blankets and pillows (3 pillows to be exact!).   Furthermore, the lighting, thermostat, and alarm systems were very easy to use.

TV was standard LCD television, but I must say it could have had more English channels.  But in the end it didn’t really matter for me because I wasn’t traveling to Tokyo to just watch TV…so it was okay.

sheraton miyako hotel tokyo bedroom

As you can see the rooms were big enough to have your own table!  Classy decor, very clean and well maintained.

sheraton miyako tokyo beds

These were very comfortable beds…as you can see the left one was the one I slept on, that’s why it was messy..haha

The washroom was pretty solid too.  Very clean, and equipped with the typical high tech Japanese toilet that can wash your butt.  Not only that, this baby had the ability to adjust the water pressure, the type of spray, and the angle at which the water spray will jet onto your butt.  Very advanced.

With the jokes aside, this was a good washroom with all the toiletries needed:  Shavers, tooth brush, creams, shampoo, conditioner, body shampoo, hand soap, brush, and hair dryer.

Shower had good water pressure, and yes you are able to have a pretty damn good HOT shower.

sheraton miyako hotel washroom


Just the way I like my hotel bathrooms:  CLEAN, well stocked, and awesome hot shower with good water pressure!


The plus points of the Sheraton Miyako Hotel Tokyo is that it is reasonably priced (at around 130 USD per night), top notch service, awesome location, and overall in general great quality bedrooms to get a good night’s rest.

Staff was very knowledgeable, and their English was good.


For some reason complimentary bottled water was not available in the rooms.  Furthermore depending on the type of package you booked, the gym and swimming pool may not be necessarily complimentary for use.

Most of the hotel restaurants don’t open until 7 am, which is not a good thing for early birds like me.   There was only one that was opened around 6:30 am, but it only serves Western styled breakfast, but why on earth would I travel to Tokyo to have Western styled breakfast?  So it wasn’t quite right for me.

The Conclusion:

In general I was quite happy with my stay at the Sheraton Miyako Hotel Tokyo.  From a rating between 0 and 10, I would rate this hotel a solid 8!

And would I come back and stay here?  Hell YES!

And would I recommend this to my friends?  Hell YES!

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Visitor’s Information to the Sheraton Miyako Hotel Tokyo:



Address:  1-1-50 Shirokanedai Minato-ku, Tokyo, Tokyo 108-8640, Japan

Phone: (81)(3) 3447 3111

Fax: (81)(3) 3447 3133
Check in:  2:oopm
Check out: 12:00pm
Nearest Tokyo Subway Train station:  Shirokanedai station
Nearest Tokyo JR Line:  Meguro station



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