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Ancient Chinese vase set to fetch more than S$10 million in Hong Kong


Are you serious?  This is insane!  A few million dollars for a small ‘ancient’ vase (Read the original article below).  Imagine if you were the winning bidder, and went up on stage to receive the vase, and then you tripped and dropped the vase on the floor. reddit ask  Damn that would suck big time! Ha!

Its like that time I remember there was a hockey event and the team won the championship and the captain of the team who was holding the trophy dropped it on the floor by accident!

What other crazy million dollar bids you seen people snatch up before?  Share your stories below!

A Chinese Guan Vase of the Southern Song Dynasty is shown to the media in Hong Kong on Monday. The rare vase is expected to fetch more than 60 million HKD at Sotheby’s Hong Kong Chinese Works of Art Spring Sales 2015 which will take place on April 7. — PHOTO: AFP HONG KONG (AFP) – A simple Chinese vase made over 800 years ago and unveiled in Hong Kong Monday is expected to fetch HK$60 million (S$10.6 million) […]

chiang kai-shek memorial

One of the most famous landmarks in all of Taiwan, would be the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial located in the heart of Taipei city.  This memorial hall and square was built in the late 1970’s for the late Chiang Kai-Shek, who was the long time leader of Taiwan since the communist take over of the China mainland until his death in the mid 1970’s.  He is one of the driving forces in the what has shaped Taiwan as it is today.     Read Full Article →

5 things to know about China\'s \'Inconvenient Truth\'

This is not easy for China.  Their air pollution is quite bad…’s the BIG BUT.  At least they are trying to do something. For a developing country of over 1 billion people, this is not easy, but I think they are getting the wake up call, especially if you can’t even see through the fog of pollutants in your very own capital city.  I really hope they can finally tackle this problem successfully.  When compared to neighbouring India who is also over 1 billion people, China is light years ahead.

What’s your take on this?


A tourist and her daughter wearing the masks visit the Tiananmen Square. Beijing (CNN)If you live in China and haven’t watched — or at least heard about — “Under the Dome,” you must have been living under a rock. The almost two-hour documentary on air pollution in China produced by a famous TV journalist has quickly gone viral since its online release Saturday, clocking millions of views on various video sites and stirring ferocious debates across Chinese cyberspace. Here […]

hot springs in beitou

After enjoying some hot springs in Beitou, Taipei, in Taiwan, one of the best things to enjoy also is the hot pot!  For those of you who do not know what hot pot is, it is basically where you choose your side dishes (raw ingredients) to cook your self in a pot of boiling broth.  This is extremely perfect for those cool days, as eating hot pot will instantly warm you right up!                  Read Full Article →

Dress code for tourists: Places where you have to mind what you wear

I think the main thing is that if you are traveling to a country that has a religious or conservative view, its just about respect and just beware of how you dress.  No matter how ridiculous the law maybe, in the end you are a visitor to someone else’s country…so you need to abide by their laws.   Its like going to someone’s funeral and see someone wearing a tank top and flip flops, how do you think that would make people feel?    Common sense stuff I think.

Tourists snokelling at Pulau Perhentian in Terengganu, Malaysia. Authorities in the Malaysian state of Terengganu on Sunday said they would soon impose a dress code on female tourists as outlined by the state government. Now, it appears, however, that the plans were the result of a misunderstanding. Terengganu Chief Minister Ahmad Razif Abdul Rahma today clarified that the dress code policy would not be imposed, the Malaysiakini website reported. — PHOTO: TOURISM MALAYSIA The authorities in the Malaysian state […]

In preparation for my upcoming honeymoon with my wife, we were planning to go to Hualien, Taiwan, by taking the railway train from Taipei, Taiwan.  Upon preparing for this trip, we looked to see how to purchase the train tickets online.  It turned out that the online system is not overly user friendly, so it took quite some time to figure it all out.  In addition upon googling the search engines to see if there is already advice on how to book tickets online, there seems to be alot of inaccurate or out of date information out there.  Therefore for the sake of ensuring no one else falling prey to the headaches I went thru in figuring this out, I have decided to create a quick guide for you all on how to book the Taiwan train tickets online!                 Read Full Article →

Palawan: Sailing\'s next great destination?

Looks like I need to visit this place one day.  Amazing!  What amazing beaches have you been to before?   Read the full article below.


Pass Island – Palawan’s beaches, like this one on Pass Island, are usually deserted or, at most, sparsely populated. Coron, Philippines (CNN)You’d think that the Philippines would be crawling with yachts. The wind, particularly in the winter, blows strong, and reliably. It’s sunny almost all the time, and there are literally thousands of islands — 7,107 at last count. All of these enviable factors would usually point to the perfect destination for a sailing trip, but the charter industry […]

Tainan kitchen kings: Around Taiwan\'s food capital in 19 dishes



Danzai noodles – These oil noodles with minced pork and shrimp make one of the most iconic snacks in Tainan. Yes Taipei is the island’s most famous destination, but many of the dishes it was submitting were rooted from its oldest city, Tainan. Here, dishes are whipped up in makeshift kitchens and cheap food — particularly seafood — is king. The challenge is locating the best flavors in a city where public transport isn’t readily available and many older […]

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