If you’re looking for a great break from Taipei city life, then a day trip to the Maokong Tea Plantations is highly recommended.  Maokong being a mountainous area in the southern edge of Taipei is famous for it’s tea plantations.  Similar to the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia, because of it’s high elevations, the rich moisture in the soil, and cool temperatures, this makes it an ideal place to grow tea.  In fact Maokong supplies pretty much most of the tea to the entire Taipei region.    

To reach the top of Maokong to visit the tea plantations, you simply take the Maokong Gondola cable car.  Once you reach Maokong, there are signboards everywhere pointing to various nature trails that you can take.  We decided to take the trail heading towards the mysterious pothole rock formations near the Taipei Tea Promotion Center.  As we headed out onto the trail, we saw many tea plantations growing various varieties of tea.  It was kind of cool seeing how the locals here in Taipei grow their tea.

Maokong tea plantation

A farmer working at his mini tea plantation.

maokong tea plants

Organized shrubs growing along the tea plantation.  It’s leaves will eventually be plucked to process them into tea leaves.


Another tea plantation along the trail.

More tea plants.  Pretty relaxing day, and the weather up in the mountains was nice and cool.

As we passed numerous tea farms along the way, we then reached a stretch of road lined up with various tea houses and cafe’s.  This must be one of the few places in Maokong where you can sample their teas.  It was definitely a sleepy village, as there were very little people around.

tea houses and cafes

That’s me in front of the stretch of cafe’s and tea houses.

One of the many tea houses.

More cafes and tea shops along the road.

Some private booths where you can have your tea and enjoy the nice scenic views.

An outdoor cafe we saw that offers amazing views of the mountain range and Taipei city!

A view of Taipei 101 from the outdoor cafe.

A signboard for a bar and cafe.

There was also a temple around the vicinity, and also once again more beautiful tea farms scattered throughout.  One of the amazing things we also saw was the sunset, which was setting over the mountain range.

Lady taking care of her tea plants.

More tea plantations.

View of the Gondola cable car station at the top of Maokong.

A pretty Chinese temple we saw.

Tea plantation rolling on the hillside.

A view of the mountain ranges nearby.

View of the sunset.

More views of the sunset.

So there you have it a quick tour of the tea plantations at Maokong.  If you want a break from the noise of the city, then a day trip to Maokong is highly recommended.  You will be offered splendid views of the city and country side, and also get the chance to sip some premium Chinese teas from Maokong.

If you are a tea drinker, what are your favourite teas to have?  Share your feedbacks below!

Alec Chan

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