WuFenPu (五分埔), the largest garment wholesale market in TaiPei (台北). Up to 1,000 shops selling huge variety of products like clothes, bags, shoes, jewelry, accessories, etc with reasonable price range. For those who likes trendy and creative fashions, WuFenPu will be a place that you won’t want to miss. It opens daily from around 1100 to 2200, do take note the operating hours is just for reference, some shops might close earlier.

RaoHe Night Market (饒河街觀光夜市), absolutely a good choice to fulfill your craving for local foods after tired shopping in WuFenPu. The 600 meters long night market was located on RaoHe Street, setup in year 1987, was one of the oldest night markets in TaiPei. You can find plenty of delicious local foods and also other products like clothes and accessories there. Its operating hours is from 1700 to 0000 daily.

Getting to WuFenPu (五分埔)

We took MRT from TaiPei Main Station (台北車站) to HouShanPi (後山埤) Station, with travel time of 13mins and cost at NT25.

MRT Route:

Taipei Main Station Station[Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center – Yongning/Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center – Far Eastern Hospital]>Houshanpi Station


HouShanPi MRT Station to WuFenPu

Follow the map from HouShanPi MRT Station to WuFenPu.


Let do some research and trying to understand the place to be conquered before started action. I have summarized some useful information on WuFenPu, and also the map.

WuFenPu Map

An useful and informative WuFenPu map found in

Here are some products that you can find in WuFenPu:

  • 1st street: Full of trendy products.
  • 3rd street: Area with highest density of shops, include teahouse, shoes store and  clothes shops selling Japanese style products.
  • 5th street: Products mainly focus on Europe, USA, Japanese and Korean style. It was easy to find some shops selling unique hip hop and punk goods at this street too.
  • 7th street: Plenty of Korean style sport and street wears for lady.
  • 13th street: Mainly Japanese style clothes for lady.
  • 19th street (SongShan Road Lane 119): Hong Kong and Korean style lady clothes, can find a lot of elegant and traditional wears.
  • YongJi Road (永吉路) : Kid’s wear , some were imported goods.
  • ZhongPo Park (中坡公園): Where you can find local cuisine and snacks. Some accessories stalls were available too.

I believe the information given above will definitely help in your visit, make it easier and funnies for you to locate the products you looking for.


A lot of shops were not yet fully opened, preparation in progress.

There wasn’t many shoppers at WuFenPu when we reach at 1630 on weekday, many retail shops were in preparation and yet to open. We came across a few shops that the sales persons were too busy house keeping their products to entertain us…



Few shoppers at WuFenPu during working hours…

Since the wholesale market wasn’t fully “ready” for us, we might as well find a place to fill up our stomach so that will have energy to conquer WuFenPu afterwards. We were actually very hungry at that moment as had taken only steam breads for lunch, so quickly settled down at a roadside stall nearby for local cuisine.

Lunch at WuFenPu

A roadside stall at WuFenPu, usual local cuisine like fried rice, fried vegetable, pork intestines and minced meat noodle, just a normal meal that cost us total of NT210…

After a quick meal, we stayed in WuFenPu for around 2 hours. Actually we wanted to leave after the first 1 hour, but decided to stay a little bit longer because felt unsatisfied leaving with empty hand, but ended up we didn’t buy anything…

Seriously, we ranked this wholesales market at bottom of the places that we have visited throughout the Taiwan trip, let me tell you why…

No doubt the clothes are nice and trendy, but expensive, I rather spend else where like shopping complex, at least the service is better. I like Taiwan culture and people, but not WuFenPu… Within that 2 hours, we hardly found any sales persons care to entertain us or talk to us, their services were very bad… Most of the sales person that we have came across were so busy with their phones, chit chatting with friends, having their dinner, house keeping their goods… totally had no intention trying to serve us or understand our needs… Of course, there were still a small amount of them willing to spend time entertaining us, but on average the shopping experience was bad!

Alec has a different point of view about WuFenPu, click here to have a look to find out more and do a comparison.

Hoping to get more sparks to bring back our good moods, we moved on to RaoHe Night Market (饒河街觀光夜市) for some good foods and real shopping!


Getting to RaoHe Night Market from WuFenPu

Most tourists will try to cover WufenPu and RaoHe Night Market within same day, due to the short walking distance between these 2 places. It took us 10mins to walk from WuFenPu to RaoHe Night Market, just followed sign board and the crowd, pretty straight forward.

WUFenPu to RaoHe Night Market

A map to show you the direction from WuFenPu to RaoHe Night Market, around 600m walking distance.

Maybe it is good that I give you more details. At Wufenpu, you can cut through the shops diagonally to reach the intersection of SongShan Road (松山路) and SongLong Road (松隆路). Then walk towards the direction of SongShan railway station (松山火車站), continue walking and cross Section 4 of  BaDe Road (八德路四段), and you’ll see CiYou Temple (慈佑宮) right in front of the entrance of RaoHe Night Market.


RaoHe Night Market

The magnificent CiYou Temple (慈佑宮) was the first thing that caught our attention when standing right in front of the night market’s entrance, a landmark that you won’t miss at night for sure.

Not only CiYou Temple, the whole RaoHe Night Market was so happening and energetic. The place was able to switched our mood from disappointed to excited within the first few minutes when we first arrived, and that kick started our real shopping for the day.

A lot  of visitors are there for the authentic and delicious local cuisines, you can definitely find some nice foods that suit you out of whole stretch of stalls. While you are busy looking around what to try, also remember to check out the stalls that selling variety of goods like bags, clothes, accessories, souvenirs, home decorative items, shoes, etc…

We were being attracted by some beautiful bags and wall stickers, ended up spent almost 40mins at these few stalls hunting for souvenirs. Along the street there was also a few stalls and shops selling cheap clothes and shoes with good quality, then another round of shopping…

Our previous meal was too much and it was too close to dinner time, so we were too full to try out those famous foods in the night market… Let me list down some nice 1 here, then you can try it out and share with me how good they are.

Fuzhou Ancestor Black Pepper Buns (福州世祖胡椒饼)

  • Location: No. 249, RaoHe Street (台北市饒河街249號)
  • Contact number: +886 958 126 223
  • Opening Hours: 1500 – 0000

ChenDong stewed pork rib with herbs (陈董药炖排骨)

  • Location: No. 260, RaoHe Street (台北市饒河街260號)
  •  Contact number :091090193
  • Opening hours: 1530 – 0030

JiaHe squid dishes (加贺魷魚大王)

  • Location: No. 120, Raohe St (台北市饒河街120號)
  • Contact number: +886 953 579 555
  • Opening hours: Weekdays 1730 – 0030, weekends 1700 – 0100

When we were at the very end of the night market preparing to u turn to the other side, I was thinking maybe should at least try something special and not heavy. Suddenly I saw a few customers standing at a stall selling grilled corn, well why not. So I ordered one medium size which cost me NT100… I didn’t expect corn can be that “not cheap”… They first applied some special spicy BBQ sauce onto the corn follow by putting it into a griller, then took it out again to apply another layer of sauce and continue grilling. They were repeating that for a few times before passing over the final product to me. After such a difficult and long grilling process, the corn must be very good, I thought… But I was wrong, the corn was so hard and it tasted a bit weird with the special spicy BBQ sauce, maybe my expectation was too high…

We found a shop selling looking good traditional Chinese biscuit, so we decided to give it a try and bought some suncake (太阳饼) as souvenir. The biscuits tasted so creamy and sweet, texture wise was a bit too soft, overall average.


A shop at RaoHe Night Market selling traditional Chinese biscuits.

Finally, I started to feel hungry before leaving RaoHe night market, and spotted a restaurant with walls full of photos of celebrities and their signatures! ChiNiuXiang beef noodle (齿牛香牛肉面), this one must be good, let’s go! We ordered a bowl of beef noodle and fish ball, total NT160. The beef noodle was above average, I liked the heavy flavor soup, the meat was soft and tasted quite good, noodle’s texture was like BanMian (板面) so chewy, overall worth trying. Fish ball soup was normal, nothing special.

beef noodle

 ChiNiuXiang beef noodle (齿牛香牛肉面), seems like a very famous shop among Taiwan celebrities.

I kind of like RaoHe Night Market, will definitely visit again to try out the local cuisine!


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