YangMingShan ZhuZiHu (台北阳明山竹子湖), a refreshing and peaceful rural area with altitude of approximately 670 meters that located between Mountain DaTun (大屯山), Mountain QiXing (七星山) and Mountain XiaoGuanYin (小觀音山). It will be full of beautiful Calla Lily (海芋) during blossom season from Feb to May, while Mar and Apr are the best months for visiting.

ZhuZiHu was a barrier lake formed after volcanic eruptions, left behind a fertile land after lake water receded. With also the exceptional climatic and rich spring water, all these create a great environment for agricultural and the place eventually became a rural settlement. ZhuZiHu was used to be full of bamboo, wind blowing through the whole bamboo forest created a scenery looked like waves of a huge bamboo lake, and that came the name ZhuZiHu (Bamboo Lake).

We were so glad that have visited ZhuZiHu in end of Apr, able to witness the beauty of Calla Lily at its’ best moment of blossom season.

Getting to YangMingShan ZhuZiHu (台北阳明山竹子湖)

We took MRT at XiMen (西門) Station and got off at JianTan (劍潭)Station, cost at NT20 per ticket and the journey took around 15mins.

MRT Route:

Ximen Station[Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center – Yongning/Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center – Far Eastern Hospital]>Taipei Main Station[Beitou – Xiangshan/Tamsui – Xindian]>Jiantan Station


At JianTan MRT Station, go out via exit 1 and then left turn to bus stop. Bus services 260 and Red 5 (红5) were available connecting JianTan MRT Station and YangMingShan.


Left turn after got out from JianTan MRT Station’s exit one to reach this bus stop.


Search for the sign board showing bus services 260 and Red 5 (红5), take either one to YangMingShan bus terminal (阳明山站).

Journey from JianTan MRT Station to YangMingShan bus terminal (阳明山站) took around 40mins and cost NT15 (NT12 if pay by EasyCard ).

We transferred to shuttle bus service 108 at YangMingShan bus terminal, and got off at ZhuZiHu – Police Station stop (竹子湖-派出所).


YangMingShan bus terminal, transfer from bus services 260 or Red 5 to shuttle bus service 108.


Route of YangMingShan shuttle bus service 108.


YangMingShan’s flower season’s transportation guide.

If you would like to know more details about TaiPei (台北) public bus services, can always visit their webpage for more information.


Inside YangMingShan shuttle bus service 108.


We alighted at ZhuZiHu bus stop, right in front of this Police Station.
Follow this signboard to ZhuZiHu’s Calla Lily gardens.

There were a few places with Calla Lily gardens in ZhuZiHu, our trip covered DingHu(顶湖) that had more and bigger Calla Lily gardens among all, of course with nicer view too.



A few stalls selling Calla Lily at this crossroad, take right to DingHu.



In DingHu, there were a few Calla Lily gardens owned by different shops. This was the first shop on left after the entrance

Most of the Calla Lily gardens were surrounded by fences, visitors have to pay to get in. We found more Calla Lily at second shop’s  garden, hence took their flower picking package that cost us NT100 per person, and each of us was allowed to pick 7 Calla Lily from their garden.


Woohoo~~ We are in the garden, surrounded by numbers of Calla Lily!

Calla Lily

The beauty of Calla Lily…

We told the owner upfront that both of us will only pick 7 flowers, but still have to pay NT200 in total. NT100 for the flowers, and the remaining NT100 for a pack of flourish flavoured steam bread. The breads were soft and with rich flourish taste, the fragrant lasted so long in my mouth after taken those bread.


Nice little steam breads full of flourish flavored.

After 2 hours at DingHu, we followed the same path back to ZhuZiHu bus stop for shuttle bus service 108, then bus service 260. This time round, we got off at TaiPei (台北) bus terminal instead of JianTan MRT Station, so that we could get to our next destination WuFenPu (五分埔) by MRT, from TaiPei Main Station (台北車站) to HouShanPi (後山埤) Station without the need to transfer.

From YangMingShan to TaiPei bus terminal by bus service 260 took around 1 hour with smooth traffic, cost NT30 (NT24 if pay by EasyCard ) per person. Do request the driver to inform you while the bus is approaching TaiPei station, as 1 hour ride could be quite tiring and you might fell asleep and missed the stop…

Next destination, WuFenPu, is anyone ready for shopping?

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5 Responses to Taiwan (台湾) – Day 6: YangMingShan ZhuZiHu (阳明山竹子湖) [TaiPei (台北)]

  1. Maggie says:

    Your info was very detail.
    At least i know that I need go on season from Feb to May, while Mar and Apr are the best months for visiting for these beautiful Calla Lily (海芋).

    Thank you

  2. Patricia Yeo says:

    Hi Alec, thanks for sharing your travel info n tips online.
    I will be taking my elderly brother n sister in law (age ard 57-62) to Taipei 31 Oct-7 Nov.
    Which tourist spot would you recommend in Yang ming shan for that season since Carla is in April. Any nice cafe/eating place we should not missed when we break for lunch.?
    Is it recommended to book transport or use the MRT-bus-bus?
    For Yilan, how do we book the hands on for Spring onion farm experience?

  3. EC says:

    Hi there, Im glad that i found this site! I wonder will I be able to spot the Calla Lillies if i were to visit the Park during this February? And roughly how many hours will it take to explore the park? 😀

  4. Nathania says:

    Hi Alec, thanks for your detail information especially on the 108 shuttle bus services to those yangmingshan attraction areas.

    – May i know how long does 108 shuttle bus takes time from Yangmingshan bus stop to Qingtiangang?
    – Which bus number is going to Zhuzihu from Qingtiangang instead of 108 bus?
    – How to go to Yangmingshan flower clock from Zhuzihu?

    Hope to hear from you soon!


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