NingXia Night Market (宁夏夜市), a very popular TaiPei (台北) night markets among locals. There were numbers of stalls selling authentic and delicious local foods with reasonable price, one of the main reasons why the night market always so crowded with both locals and foreign tourists. It was one of the “not so commercialized” night market in TaiPei, plan for a visit if you are like us who want to feel and experience the local culture and activities. NingXia Night Market was located at Ningxia Rd, Datong District, Taipei City, 103 (台北市大同區宁夏路), available from 1600 to 0200 daily.


Getting to NingXia Night Market (宁夏夜市)

Taking MRT is the easiest way traveling to NingXia Night Market, because there were several MRT stations nearby the night market, within walking distance, like ShuangLian (雙連) station, ZhongShan (中山) Station and TaiPei Station.

NingXia Night Market Map - nearby MRT stations

3 nearest MRT stations to NingXia Night Market.

If you are going to alight at Shuanglian Station, take exit 1 and follow MinSheng West Road (民生西路) to  NingXia Night Market.

We took MRT at XiMen (西門) Station and got off at Zhongshan Station (each ticket cost NT16, took 9mins), followed sign board to exit 2, then walked along Nanjing West Road (南京西路) for around 5mins before reaching NingXia Night Market’s entrance.

MRT Route:

Ximen Station[Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center – Yongning/Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center – Far Eastern Hospital]>Taipei Main Station[Beitou – Xiangshan/Tamsui – Xindian]>Zhongshan Station



NingXia Night Market (宁夏夜市)

The street started to get crowded, we could see numbers of stalls with bright lights from far. The first few ones were gaming stalls surrounded by kids and grownup, suddenly the quiet street became so lively.


Little girl trying to catch some fishes. I ever seen this on television and that was the first time seeing it live… looks fun!


The pinball lookalike game attracted both kids and adults to sit there and try winning some prizes hanging on the wall. Those who standing at the back, sorry that you have to wait, full house!


Hello, cutie pie… Do you want to play with me?

Further down was a whole stretch of stalls selling local cuisine, now you will see a super crowded street right in front of you.


The desert with a name of “Frog lays egg” (青蛙下蛋), interesting…


A stall selling Imagawayaki with different favor, like red bean, pumpkin and cheese. Selling at 2 for NT25.

LinJi Rice Cake

LinJi Rice Cake (林记烧麻糬), this one was really good, smooth and tender, tasted so good with sesame and peanuts, must try!


APo Rice Ball (慈音古早味阿婆飯糰), a famous stall in NingXia Night Market. The rice ball was selling at NT35 each.


Customers can choose to enjoy their meal outdoor under the shelters setup by respective stalls.

dinner at NingXia Night Market

We had our dinner outdoor too, a simple 1 as I wasn’t feeling so well that night. That tasted normal meal cost us NT160…


Saw this stall selling wild boar sausage on our way back, well why not… The NT35 sausage was good, tender and juicy, tasted a bit different compare to normal port sausage, I like boar sausage better.

It was around 2200, we started to feel tire and sleepy after filling in our stomachs with those delicious local foods, so we headed back to our accommodation and called it a day…

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  2. Rossa says:

    Hello! Does ningxia night market sell other stuff like phone cases, shoes, clothes or socks like Shihlin night market? Or they purely sell food only? Thanks!

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