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LongShan Temple (龙山寺), a very famous Buddhist Temple in TaiPei (台北) that was dedicated to the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy – GuanYin (观音). The temple was founded and built in year 1738, then a reconstruction in 1919 which completed in 1924. It is located in district of Manka (艋舺 ), with address No. 211, Guangzhou St, Wanhua District, Taipei City, 10853 (台北市万华区广州街211号). It opens daily from 0700 to 2200, admission free. If you are interested to know more about its history, find out  LongShan Temple (龙山寺) Webpage for more detailed introduction.

Getting to LongShan Temple (龙山寺)

LongShan Temple Station was the nearest TaiPei Metro (台北捷運) station to LongShan Temple, just 5mins walk.

LongShan Temple Metro Station to LongShan Temple

5mins walk from LongShan Temple Metro Station to LongShan Temple.

 After a quick breakfast at YongHe Chinese Style Breakfast Shop (永和豆漿) XiMenDing (西門町) branch, we took metro from XiMen Station to LongShan Temple Station, the 2mins ride cost us NT20 per ticket.

Do bookmark the webpage of TaiPei MRT, it is a very convenient and useful website for TaiPei trip planning. I have listed some pages below:

TaiPei Metro map - English

TaiPei MRT Map from their webpage, a handy and user map, do get one at MRT station and always bring it along.

At LongShan Temple MRT Station, we followed signboard and cut through MengXia Park  (艋舺公園) to LongShan Temple.


Saw this lady distributing foods right in front of  LongShan Temple, I guess that was for free as didn’t see her collecting any money…


GuanYin (观音)’s statue was at the main hall of LongShan Temple, the center of the temple was crowded.



Rear hall was divided into three parts, center was Matzu (妈祖) – the Goddess of marine voyage, left was Gods of literature (文昌帝君), and right was Lord Guan Yu (关羽) – the God of war.

There was a traditional Cantonese saying “入屋叫人,入庙拜神”, which literally translated as “when you enter temples, worship gods; when you enter houses, call people”. We always have this practice whenever visiting temples, as a believer but at the same time showing respect.

After LongShan Temple, we wandering around nearby area wanted to find out more about local culture. A roadside stall in front of the Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva Temple (地藏王庙) not far away from LongShan Temple caught our attentions. 2 ladies were selling simple dishes like cold noodles (凉面) and Miso soup (味噌汤) at that little stall with few fold-able tables and chairs. We noticed that local seems to like it and customers kept coming. A good chance to mix with locals and try out what they like about the foods, so we sat down and ordered a small cold noodle and a Miso soup (total NT50).

cold noodle stall

The little roadside stall right in front of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva Temple, selling cold noodle and Miso soup.

I felt so lucky about the decision to try the cold noodle, personally I find that was the tastiest food I ever had throughout the whole Taiwan trip!

The texture of the noodle was firm and chewy, the sauce tasted like the mixture of sesame  sauce, teriyaki sauce and soya sauce, and some cucumber on top of it, came in generous portion. The combination was so refreshing and appetite stimulating, it tasted even better with wasabi (my personal preference). We were surprised that the simple dish can taste so good, a must try!

Miso soup was ok, good to drink a bowl of hot soup during cold weather. Too bad that we were too full for another plate of cold noodle…

You can refer to the map at the top for its location.


Found this very nice cold noodle at a roadside stall, feeling lucky, yeah!

The friendly stall owners told me that they had been selling cold noodle there for years, and open daily. If you are visiting  LongShan Temple, and feel like trying some nice foods, do pay a visit to this stall.

Satisfied! Next, we moved on to DanShui Old Street (淡水老街), let’s go!

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3 Responses to Taiwan (台湾) – Day 5: LongShan Temple (龙山寺) [TaiPei (台北)]

  1. Gerald says:

    Hi Alec! I was wondering how long you spent at each location for the Day 5 itinerary! I only have 3 days in Taipei before planning to take the train down South.

    • Alec Chan says:

      Hi Gerald

      Sorry for the delays…was fixing some technical problems with my blog over the past few weeks!

      Anyways that is now solved…here’s what i suggest.

      Longshan temple – probably can spend 1 hour

      Danshui old street – around 1 to 2 hours (unless you decide to go to fisherman’s wharf, which may take more time)

      Ningxia night market – 1 hour will do, it is not a big market area

      hope this helps


  2. Wynn says:

    Hi Alec! did you notice any specific dress code needed for longshan temple? :)

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