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Color Studio 2nd branch (西門町調色盤2館) was used to be called Color Mix, not sure about the reason for name changing. It was one of the most famous accommodations in XiMenDing (西門町), TaiPei (台北). I ever stayed at their 1st branch few years back, I was a happy customer. Now, let see if the 2nd branch is as good.

Color Studio 2nd branch was located within 華壽西門聯合大廈 at No. 24, Kangding Rd, Wanhua District, Taipei City, 108. Around 12-15mins walk to XiMen Metro Station (捷運西門站), slightly further compare to 1st branch which took us only 5-7mins. It was so near to Ximending Cinema Street (西門町電影街), like 3mins walking distance, and around 8mins to XiMenDing shopping area. Numbers of restaurants and convenient stores were within walking distance, overall its location was convenient and good.

XiMen Metro Station - Color Studio 2nd branch

Direction from XiMen Metro Station to Color Studio 2nd branch.

Surrounding wasn’t really crowded, not much pedestrians and kind of quiet at night. Security guard was available 24×7 with a reception at ground floor. On top of that, only customers with access card could enter Color Studio, and the entrance to Color Studio’s rooms was always locked, I felt safe with that.

One thing to take note, the main entrance will be closed at 11pm if I am not wrong (it is good that you double confirm with the staff or securit guardy), so you will have to enter from back door after 11pm.

Color Studio 2nd building ground floor

 24×7 security available, the reception was next to the building’s back door.

It was kind of dark and quiet from lift to Color Studio’s entrance, but a totally different environment at the other end of the door. After entered Color Studio, you will see a bright and trendy design corridor with colorful pictures hanging on the wall. Washing machine and phone are available at the corridor for customers, and letter box for return key.

Color Studio 2nd building - corridor to rooms

Color Studio’s corridor looked new, trendy and bright. Washing machine and phone were available for customers.

We stayed there for a total of 4 days, at rooms A8 and A9. In between, we had to leave our luggage at Color Studio to minimize our burdens when travelling around. The staffs were so friendly and helpful, we just need to leave everything in room A9, and they helped moving all to storeroom, follow by moving to room A8 before our return. Besides that, they were able to provide some good suggestions and information on nearby dining places and attractions. Before leaving, they even offered to help calling for taxi without extra charge. Service was good.

Both rooms A8 and A9 were spacious for 2 persons, so clean and tidy. Everything looked new, I think they renovated the place not long ago before we visited. Colourful and trendy design, with bright lighting, having a concept is perfecting matching the name of the hotel. The rooms came several furniture and electronics like coffee table, dining tables, shoes rack, sofa, fridge, air conditional, TV, kettle, bedside table, clothes hangers, … kind of a complete set for us. The beds were big enough for 2 of us, with clean, soft and comfortable pillow and mattress.

Soundproof could be improved, we could hear the conversations and TV sound from next door, but wasn’t so bad.

No complain about the toilets, so clean and everything was in good condition. The house keeping staffs had done a very good job!

Room A9

A9 toilet

Color Studio’s room A9, simple and nice.

Room A8

A8 toilet

Had a wonderful stay at Color Studio’s room A8.

Take note that you have to make appointment 1hour before checking in, and need to pay extra NT300 if check in after 2100. Check in time was after 1500, and have to check out by 1130.

We paid NT1280 for room A9 and NT1580 for room A8 per day, I think the price wasn’t cheapest in that area, but reasonable with the good service, quality rooms and convenient location. Color Studio is definitely in my list for next TaiPei visit.

If you are interested, you can reach them by phone at 0977-089-065/0977-089-381, or via email

Hope my review on Color Studio 2nd branch is informative and useful for your TaiPei trip planning.

Alec Chan

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6 Responses to XiMenDing (西門町) Accommodation – Color Studio 2nd Branch (調色盤2館), TaiPei (台北), Taiwan (台湾)

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  2. Angel says:

    May i know whether along the way to mrt, is there any shop? Compare to the old Colourmix, which one is the best?

    • Chee Chuan says:

      Hi Angel,

      Is Chee Chuan here, great that you find my post and hope that is useful for you.

      Actually the accommodation is kind of near to XiMenDing shopping area, like I mentioned in the post it is actually 3mins walk to the movie street, quite convenient. Yes, there are quite a lot of shops along the way like restaurant, 7-11,… Same as the 1st Colourmix building.

      XiMenDing MRT Station, Colourmix 1st and 2nd building is forming a triangle. When you walking down the street, Colourmix 1st building will be on your left while 2nd building is on your right.

      It is difficult to tell which is better. If your main concern is distance from XiMenDing MRT Station then 1st building is nearer; but if interior condition is more important for you, then 2nd building.

      Hope my information helps. Cheers :)

      Chee Chuan

  3. low suk chien says:

    Hi, is there any room available on 21-25 Dec 2014 for two people? Check in 21th Dec Sunday and check out 25th Dec Thursday?

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