JiJi Train Station (集集火车站) was built during Japanese Colonial Era, for the purpose of materials transporting for new power plant construction. It was one of the few old train stations available in Taiwan. Locals in JiJi had very limited transportation choices before the JiJi Train Line was constructed, rail push-trolleys and porters were the main one. After since JiJi Train Station was opened for service, JiJi town was able to reach out to other places more easily, and as a chain reaction brought up economies of surrounding villages, thanks for the improvement in their connectivity.

Design of JiJi Train Station was so simple but yet classic, mainly constructed by timber. Same as CheCheng Train Station (車埕火车站), JiJi Train Station was badly damaged during 921 earthquake. Through fund raising and contributions from numbers of donators, JiJi Train Station was eventually be reconstructed and back to operation.

We are now at the famous JiJi Train Station!

 We visited CheCheng Train Station (車埕火车站) before  JiJi Station, and traveled by train to JiJi. Train ride from CheCheng Train Station to JiJi Station was about 20mins, we arrived at 1320. 40mins was all we had in this station before taking shuttle bus to XiTou  Monster Village (溪头妖怪村), so have to be quick and focus!

 Click here to read my post on CheCheng Train Station (車埕火车站).


Old simple train platform of JiJi Station, was once playing an important role in JiJi Train Line’s history, and now the best place for visitors to experience the rural life in Taiwan.


Spend your time sitting in the waiting area and feel the classic JiJi Train Station.

One of the main attractions here at JiJi Train Station, the steam locomotive head, yeah!

 Time to move and search for bus stop to Monster Village, too bad that we couldn’t spend longer to explore more about JiJi Train Station…

JiJi Train Station to Monster Village bus stop

Follow the direction to reach bus stop with service from JiJi to Monster Village, so near.

bus stop from JiJi to monster village

Buses heading to Monster Village will stop right in front of ChingSin bubble tea store.


Sun Moon Lake - XiTou shuttle bus service

Sun Moon Lake – XiTou shuttle bus line timetable, connecting several main tourism spots in NanTou.

 Tried on ChingShin bubble tea while waiting for the bus to come, and the NT40 bubble tea was surprisingly good! The taste of tea was heavy with rich milk flavour, texture was so smooth, sugar level was just nice, bubble was chewy with the right size. We both agreed that it ranked 2nd out of all the bubble teas we have tried throughout the 9 days trip in Taiwan, thumb up!

 The bus arrived at 1406 and depart on the dot, Taiwan public transportation was so punctual, thumb up! Make sure you arrive at the bus stop 5mins in advance to prevent missing bus.

Bus to monster village

Bus service operated by YuanLin Bus Transportation, started at Sun Moon Lake with last stop at XiTou, it was 1 hour ride from JiJi to XiTou Monster village.

 XiTou Monster Village will be up next!

Monster?!! Sounds like not for the weak-hearted…



  1. Fully utilize the Sun Moon Lake – XiTou shuttle bus line to cover attractions in NanTou.


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  1. Hi, do you use pre-paid internet access to help with travelling for this day 4 trip or was the navigation around quite easy?

  2. Qy says:

    If I can only choose between 妖怪村and集集village due to time constraints, which would you recommend please?

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