ShueiLi Train Station (水里火车站) was one of the station of JiJi Train Line (集集火车) in Nantou (南投), the nearest train station to Sun Moon Lake. The station was well known with its architectural design in white, having the look like western style buildings. Although this old station no longer as bustling, but still the grandest among all JiJi Train Line stations.

Getting to ShueiLi Train Station (水里火车站)

After checking out accommodation before heading out for the day, we took public bus at Feng Chia University (逢甲大学) bus stop, the one opposite Mc Donald at FuXing Road (福星路) to Taichung Railway Station (台铁台中站 ). You can take bus services 5, 25, 29, 33, 35 or 37 at that bus stop to Taichung Railway Station, same for the opposite direction.

Bus stop to FengJia accommodation

Direction from 逢甲新宿 (FengJiaXinSu) to Feng Chia University bus stop.

FengJia - McD, 160 from HSR to FengJia stops here

 Feng Chia University bus stop right opposite Mc Donald’s and Watsons, across FuXing Road.

So many attractions to cover on Day 4 and some were so far away from TaiChung (台中). So we had to execute our itinerary perfectly, especially transportation.

We stored our luggage at Taichung Railway Station’s baggage service room (NT50 per piece) upon arrival, before heading to ShueiLi Train Station. At night, we picked up the luggage on our way to HSR TaiChung station (台中高铁站), then took HSR to TaiPei (台北).

Taichung Railway Station's luggage Service

Taichung Railway Station’s luggage services, lockers for small and medium baggage, while service room for huge luggage. Operating hours from 0800 to 2000, daily.

There were 2 AllDa Bus (總達客運) services, 6333A & 6333 from Taichung to ShueiLi Train Station, both with starting point near Taichung Railway Station, with address No. 13, Section 1, Shuangshi Rd, Zhong District, Taichung City, 400 (台中市雙十路一段13號), and contact number of 04-22239666. Bus service 6333A starts at 0600 and ends at 2000 daily, with interval of 30mins; while bus 6333 operates from 0545 to 2300 daily, with interval of around 20mins.

It was 0920 after we finish depositing our luggage at Taichung Railway Station, 10mins to go before bus 6333A departed at 0930. No choice but to run 500m to AllDa Bus  headquarter in less than 5mins, and spent the remaining 5mins to buy bus ticket that cost us NT150 each.

More information on AllDa Bus here at their website.

Taichung Railway Station - AllDa Bus Station

Direction from  Taichung Railway Station to AllDa Bus  head-quarter.


ShueiLi Train Station (水里火车站)

We alighted at a bus stop in ShueiLi after traveling for 1.5 hours, ShueiLi Train Station was just 5mins walking distance away.


Bus 6333A’s drop-off point in ShueiLi. Turn right and cross the street, and you will see ShueiLi Train Station right in front of you after walking for around 5mins.

The hall of ShueiLi Train Station was so spacious, but few passengers (less than 5…). It was so quiet, just like a library…

ShueiLi Train Station hall

A big empty hall, awaiting for arrival of passengers to make the train station lively again.

Our next stop was CheCheng Train Station (車埕火车站 ), the last station of JiJi Train Line. We got the train tickets for 1119 which cost at NT15 each, with travel time of around 5mins.

More information about Taiwan Railways Administration can be found at their website.


Cute little train tickets of JiJi Train Line, from ShueiLi Train Station to CheCheng Train Station.



Train platform of ShueiLi Train Station, no ticket checking at the ticket gate before entering.


The simple Y-shape shelter at the train platform of ShueiLi Train Station.


Here comes the colorful train, I find it a bit mismatch with the old style train station. I was expecting an old train in black or grey…

JiJi train line - train

The train of JiJi Train Line looks new, and the air conditional was the best during hot sunny day :)

CheCheng Train Station will be up next, my favourite train station of all JiJi Train Line stations, can’t wait to show you that beautiful place!

Let’s go!


  1. Luggage deposit service available at most train stations, get full used of it to minimize the need to carry heavy baggage when travelling.


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