Sun Moon Lake (日月潭), one of the most popular attractions in Taiwan that you don’t want to miss. It is well know with the breathtaking and eyes catching scenery, both lake and mountains. That beautiful place is one of the eight Wonders of Taiwan, got its name from the unique terrains that look like sun and moon on each side after divided by Lalu Island.

Visitors are given multiple options in exploring Sun Moon Lake, by cable car (sky) which offers a bird-eyes view of the whole Sun Moon Lake; by ferry (lake) to have a refreshing tour slowly exploring the lake; or by cycling (land) along trails surrounding the lake. CNNGO, CNN ever nominated the lake cycling trails as one of the most beautiful cycling trails in the world, let’s find out!

You can find out more about the Sun Moon Lake here at their website.

Getting to Sun Moon Lake (日月潭)

We took shared ride shuttle service of company 台灣小客車租賃, from Maple Leaf Holiday Villas (清境楓葉山莊) in CingJing (清境) to Sun Moon Lake. This shuttle service from CingJing to Shuishe Pier (水社碼頭) of Sun Moon Lake operates daily at 0900, 1130, 1430 and 1600, with the fee of NT400 per person per trip. Take note that appointment need to be made 1 day before the departure time if by phone call, and 3 days in advance if via email. Their contact person was 唐銘煌 (Tang) with contact number 0977 141669, and email address of finninnin@yahoo.com.tw.

They also offer shuttle services from TaiChung (台中) area to Sun Moon Lake, you can refer to timetable below from their website. Remember to ask for the meeting points in advance, and be there at least 5mins earlier.

Go Taiwan transporation company - Sun Moon Lake timetable

Sun Moon Lake shared ride shuttle service’s timetable of company 台灣小客車租賃.

 You can also get to Sun Moon Lake from TaiChung and CingJing via public bus services of NanTou Bus Transportation Company (南投汽車客運股份有限公司).

Timetables below showing Taiwan Tourist Shuttle service’s (台灣好行) Sun Moon Lake Route, between TaiChung and Sun Moon Lake. You can find out more about services of Taiwan Tourist Shuttle service (台灣好行) at their webpage.

TaiwanTrip promotion shuttle service timetable - TaiChung - Sun Moon Lake

Bus service timetable of Taiwan Tourist Shuttle’s TaiChung – Sun Moon Lake route, operated by NanTou Bus Transportation Company (南投汽車客運股份有限公司).

There is another TaiChung – Sun Moon Lake Route operated by NanTou Bus Transportation Company that will stop at Puli (埔里) interchange, timetables are available at NanTou Bus Transportation Company website. The service charge of these 2 routes are the same, one way cost at NT190 per person.

If you would like to follow our itinerary, which is from CingJing to Sun Moon Lake, you will have to take bus service of NanTou Bus Transportation Company from CingJing to Puli interchange, and transfer to bus service route from Puli to Sun Moon Lake.

NanTou Bus from HSR TaiChung station to CingJing

Time table of HSR TaiChung Station –  CingJing route, service offered by NanTou Bus Transportation Company.

There are also other shuttle bus services available to Sun Moon Lake from other tourism spots like ShueiLi Train Station (水里火车站),  JiJi Train Station (集集火车站) & XiTou (溪头).

Sun Moon Lake - XiTou shuttle bus service

Sun Moon Lake – XiTou line timetable, connecting several main tourism attractions, get fully utilized of it when you planning for trip around NanTou area.

We reach Shuishe Pier around 1300, first got to buy bus ticket at Shuishe Visitor Centre (水社遊客中心), for last bus service from Sun Moon Lake to HSR Taichung station (台中高铁站) which depart at 1925.


We alighted right in front of this cute owl, starting point of the main street of Shuishe Pier.


Main street of Shuishe Pier, follow the path will lead you to the Shuishe Visitor Centre.


Shuishe Visitor Centre at the other end of Shuishe Pier’s main street, where you can find cafes, restaurants, bus ticketing counters, bike shops, souvenir shops, etc.

The departure point of bus service from Sun Moon Lake to HSR Taichung station was right in front of Shuishe Visitor Centre. I suggest you to confirm with the staff on departure point when purchasing ticket (like what we did) in case there are any changes.

Before the trip, we had planned to explore Sun Moon Lake via land, with 2 options in our itinerary – shuttle bus or cycling… We had 6 hours in Sun Moon Lake, wanted to fully utilize that to explore as much as we could. Based on my plan and calculation, we could able to cover attractions like Wenwu Temple (文武廟), Itashao (伊達邵), Chaowu Wharf (朝霧碼頭) , Dragon and Phoenix Temple – Matchmaker God(龍鳳宮月老廟) & Shuishe Pier by taking air-conditional shuttle bus (a more relaxing choice).

Cycling around Sun Moon Lake will be more tiring and time consuming if want to cover the same amount of attractions, especially under hot sun. But eventually we still decided to go for cycling, didn’t want to regret missing that one of the most beautiful cycling trails in the world!

As mentioned above, I did research on Sun Moon Lake shuttle bus tour, so I think it will be helpful to include it here for those who want to follow that option.

Sun Moon Lake Round the Lake Bus Service

The bus service stops at multiple main attractions like Shueishe Visitors Center, Chaowu Wharf, Wenwu Temple,  Itashao, Syuanguang Temple (玄光寺), etc. The daily ticket was selling at NT80 for unlimited ride. Click here or refer below for the timetables.

Sun Moon Lake Round the Lake Bus Service - weekdays

Sun Moon Lake Round the Lake Bus Service – Weekdays timetable

Sun Moon Lake Round the Lake Bus Service - weekends

Sun Moon Lake Round the Lake Bus Service – Weekends timetable

I recommend to plan ahead by taking the bus service time into consideration, if you would like to cover a few attractions within the same day.

Feel free to refer to our plan on round the lake shuttle bus tour, with starting point at Shueishe Visitors Center:

      1. Take 1320 bus towards Syuanguang Temple: Shueishe Visitors Center -> Wenwu Temple
      2. Take 1447 bus towards Syuanguang Temple : Wenwu Temple -> Itashao
      3. Take 1600 bus towards Shueishe Visitors Center: Itashao -> Chaowu Wharf
      4. Take 1654 bus towards Shueishe Visitors Center: Chaowu Wharf -> Shueishe Visitors Center
      5. Can consider visiting Dragon and Phoenix Temple – Matchmaker God if have time.

Next, is the real thing, cycling from Shueishe Visitors Center all the way to Itashao. Get your bicycle ready, and let’s start pedalling!


  1. Buy daily pass of Sun Moon Lake Round the Lake Bus Service at Shueishe Visitors Center for unlimited ride.


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  1. Marcus says:

    Awesome website. This is a gem for all taiwan travelers because you provide such comprehensive and meticulous details regarding traveling options. I’m going to travel to Taiwan in 2 months time. I have a few questions and may need your advise. I noticed that you traveled from cingjing to sunmoonlake via the shuttle service and from there you guys explored the place straight away. Where do you guys put the lugagges then without dropping by at the hotel first?

    On another unrelated post, when you guys traveled from fengjia to cing jing, where did u guys put your lugagges without dropping by at maple leaves hostel?

    Looking forward to your reply.


  2. […] Getting to Sun Moon Lake from Cingjing by public transport by Alec Travel Guide […]

  3. teo guan kok says:

    we bought air ticket to taoyuan airport terminal 1.we wanted to travel around tai chung,cing and sun moon lake may b around 3 to 4 days.we be i taiwan from 3 to 9 april 2016.is there an agent to cater for this.please advise.thanks.

  4. Andy Gerard says:

    Right where the points are, Traveling is all about the experience starting from the planning and traveling during the trip. I get more out of the planning and the actual visit of seeing the place rather than going for a catered holiday package. Thank you for the tips and making my trip even better with these information about transportation in taiwan.

  5. Heath says:

    The updated Taichung -> Sun Moon Lake bus schedule on Taiwan Tourist Shuttle is here:
    From 2017.03.01

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