Maple Leaf Holiday Villas (清境楓葉山莊) is one of the many accommodations that you can find at the highland CingJing (清境). The villa’s elevation was higher than Evergreen Grasslands (青青草原), with address 546, Nantou County, 大同村仁和路226-9號清境農場楓葉山莊.


Getting to Maple Leaf Holiday Villas (清境楓葉山莊)

It is accessible via bus service of NanTou Bus Transportation Company (南投汽車客運股份有限公司) that I have covered in post “Taiwan (台湾) Day 2: Small Swiss Garden (小瑞士花園) & Carton King (纸箱王) [Nantou (南投)]”. Take the bus service from Puli (埔里) station towards CuiFeng (翠峰) direction, and alight at CingJing Farm – NaLuWan Station (清境農場-娜魯灣站), then walk towards Evergreen Grasslands direction for about 100m to reach the villa.

You can also consider taking taxi, or CingJing shared ride shuttle services (find more information in post “Taiwan (台湾) Day 2: Small Swiss Garden (小瑞士花園) & Carton King (纸箱王) [Nantou (南投)]“).

Maple Leaf Holiday Villas provided 1 time free shuttle service within CingJing area, we took that from Small Swiss Garden to the villa.

Maple Leaf Holiday Villas map

This is an useful map I have found in Maple Leaf Holiday Villas website.

 The location of the villa wasn’t convenient, some places like evergreen Grasslands was still reachable by foot, by might take a while. Because of that, we had planned to cover CingJing attractions before evening, and spent the whole evening in the villa.

 It was a timbered building, I find the design looked like European timbered houses. I always love timbered structures, I liked the concept of that villa when first stepping in.

 Common area, also the restaurant was spacious, clean and cozy. A decent place for customers to have a relaxing time chit chatting with friends or family, reading books, or just sitting there to enjoy a cup of high mountain coffee.


Reception, I like the combination of the half height brick wall, the timbered building and wooden furniture.


This is half of the restaurant, the other half was in front of the reception area. A cozy corner…


The stair leading to guest rooms.


Corridor at level 2 looked old.

 When we got into our room, we saw wood everywhere, the floor, wall, furniture,… We loved it! The decoration looked so simple but nice, everything in the room was so clean and tidy, especially the timbered floor. The room was spacious too.


The bed was big and comfortable, blanket was thick and soft, I had a good sleep that night.

room area

Simple and nice setup, a spacious room.

The room came with a small balcony, overlooking the verdant mountains surrounding the villa. We tried to wake up early the next morning for sunrise, but too bad that was totally blocked… Well, I believe there will be some other accommodations in CingJing can offer better view, but the one we got was considered reasonably good.

balcony view

Nice view from room’s balcony, a little place to enjoy the beautiful scenery.


The building on left totally blocked the sunrise scene…

 Toilet, it was clean and tidy, no funny smell. I kind of like the old school design, and the windows really caught my attention, especially the semicircle part on top. The windows allowed me to keep my eyes to those beautiful scenes out there while taking shower, but of course not while I was standing…


Clean, tidy and dry toilet, nice old design, the windows was my favorite.


Water machine was available, kind of considerate.

 Our accommodation package included dinner and breakfast. Dinner time was 1730 – 1830, remember to inform the staff if you want to have it at different time. Dinner was a few simple local dishes with steam rice. Not something very fancy or expensive, but taste so good and warm, we felt like home while having the meal, so nice…


Simple local dishes as dinner at Maple Leaf Holiday Villas, tasted so authentic and good, felt good having all these during a cold night :)

 There wasn’t much to do and see nearby at night, so we just walked around and explored the villa after dinner, before headed back to room.

 The next morning, they got buffet style breakfast for customers, 0730 – 0900. Same as dinner, some simple and nice local cuisine like porridge, bread, sausages, peanuts, coffee, etc.


The breakfast looked a bit simple for me, but surprisingly I liked it and had eaten quite a lot. The breads were so good!

Overall the staffs were quite friendly and helpful, always smiling while talking to us, especially the house keeping ladies. They had done a pretty good job making sure the room was in its best condition for customers. The house keeping ladies were so cute, kept smiling and telling us that they were the one preparing our room, and asked if we liked it… of course we liked it!

There was a maple leaf trail at the basement, heard the maple leafs will be eyes catching during the right season. Too bad it wasn’t the season when we were traveling, so it was just like any other normal trail for us.

Maple Leaf Holiday Villas did offer tour packages, transportation arrangement and meal requests. You might want to check with them during trip planning.

You can reach them at:

  • Email:
  • Contact number: 049-2803770 +88649-2803770、0919-667793

More information about Maple Leaf Holiday Villas can be found in their homepage.

The room we stayed (景觀雙人房) cost us NT2500, included dinner and breakfast. I find it a good deal, worth the money. But too bad the view could be better.

Hope my review on Maple Leaf Holiday Villas helps, do share it out if you like it!

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