Evergreen Grasslands (青青草原) was the most popular attraction in CingJing. Bright blue sky and verdant mountains surrounding that wide piece of green and lush grassland, created a distinctive European atmosphere and scenery. Herds of sheep grazing at the grassland and sheep show are the main reasons for most tourists to visit the beautiful farm. You can click here for their homepage.

We took CingJing shuttle bus from CingJing Recreation Center (清境農場遊客休閒中心) to Evergreen Grasslands, the journey took around 20mins and we reach at 1345. Timing was just nice for us to wander around the luxuriant grassland, before the sheep show started at 1430.

The sheep show is available on Saturday, Sunday and public holiday (exclude Wednesday), at 0900 & 1430, show time around 30mins.


Green grassland surrounding by mountains.

sheep feeding

Sheep feeding at Sheep Castle, they could stand with only hind legs, so cute…

 The sheep show venue was already full of visitors at 1420, everyone looked so excited and couldn’t wait for the show to begin.

sheep show venue

Seems like we were too late to grab a good front seat. Well, have to climb higher then.

The sheep show began at 1430 sharp. Started with introduction, some background and information about the sheep show and farm. After a while, the main characters – sheep and sheepdog came out from the fence, and then started the most interesting part – sheep herding right in front of us!

sheep herding

The exciting part of the sheep show, sheep herding!

The show continued with sheep shearing. Too bad it was too far and we couldn’t take any clear photo.

After the show, sheep was released to interact with visitors. A good chance to get closer to these cute sheep and take some nice photos. Sheep feed was available, if you would like to attract them to get closer.

 There were also horse shows at GuanShan Pastureland,  available daily at 1045 & 1545, around 30mins. You can proceed to the horse show right after the sheep show if are interested, or you can just wandering around and have a relaxing afternoon at that refreshing grassy land, just like what we did.

CingJing map

Map of CingJing Farm Recreational Area, I have added some English names in, hope it helps…


We bought these tomato at Nanduan Shopping Area, the sweetest tomato that we had ever tasted!

Eventually we followed the trails heading downhill back to 7-11 store at Small Swiss Garden, reach at 1700. We called Maple Leaf Holiday Villas (清境楓葉山莊), our accommodation of that night for free pickup service at 1730. After that we spent whole evening at that cozy villa. Click here to my review on  Maple Leaf Holiday Villas.

We had a great half day trip covering Small Swiss Garden, Cartoon King, CingJing Farm and some trails. You might want to consider following our plan and itinerary if want to cover the same attractions.


  1. Enter CingJing Farm from Evergreen Grasslands entrance, the ticket covers both the Evergreen Grasslands and GuanShan Pastureland.
  2. Start at Evergreen Grasslands, continue to GuanShan Pastureland, then follow trails to walk downhill back to Small Swiss Garden to cover most of the attractions along the way.
  3. If you want to watch both the sheep and horse show, always go for Sheep Show 1st, its show times are earlier than Horse Show. The time difference of these 2 shows are more than enough for travelling between 2 venues.


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One Response to Taiwan (台湾) Day 2: Sheep Show at Evergreen Grasslands (青青草原) [Nantou (南投)]

  1. Mandy says:

    I came across the blog when i searching information for my coming April Taiwan trip plan. Just want to clarify the Tip you mention about…

    “Start at Evergreen Grasslands, continue to GuanShan Pastureland, then follow trails to walk downhill back to Small Swiss Garden to cover most of the attractions along the way.”

    1. Did it mean we can reach to other place by foot or travelling the various scenic by shuttle bus starting from Evergreen Grasslands to Small swiss garden??

    2. Then how many hours required to spend for (A) Small Swiss Garden + Carton Kings ;
    (B) Evergreen Grasslands? Because when we reach Cingjing it may show late afternoon around 4pm. The next day we planning to go to Hualien…We planning to stay just 1 night @ Cingjing. Do you think we able to complete the three places above? if not I may required to arrange my plan.

    3. Any other places around Cingjing that worth to drop by to visit, besides the three mention above?

    Thanks for the information you shared in this blog.

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