Most of tourists will spend some time visiting Swiss Garden (小瑞士花園) & Carton King (纸箱王), to take a break at these relaxing places before heading CingJing (清境 ) or HeHuanShan (合欢山).  These 2 attractions are located side by side, with address 546, Nantou County, Renai Township (南投縣仁愛鄉定遠新村28號). The Swiss Garden is well know with its Northern European atmosphere, and that had given it the name of “Taiwan’s Little Switzerland Garden”.  It opens daily from 0900 to 2100, with entrance fee of NT120 per person, multiple entry. That allows tourists to visit the garden more than once within the same day, to enjoy the different views in day and night times. Do check with staff if multiple entry is still valid when you are visiting.  You can find more information at their facebook page here.

Carton King, a small little souvenir shop displaying and selling products like decorative items, hats, bags, lanterns and postcards made by cardboard paper. The founder of Carton King souvenir shop and restaurant was a famous artist, who have created up to two thousands pieces of creative paper products in the past decades, together with his team. It is so amazing that they are able to design and build items like tables, chairs and small houses with paper, and yet so strong! This is their website.

Getting to Small Swiss Garden (小瑞士花園) & Carton King (纸箱王)

There were a few companies offering shared ride shuttle services from TaoYuan (桃园)  Airport, TaiChung (台中), TaiPei (台北) and other places to CingJing. We took shuttle service from HSR Taichung station to Small Swiss Garden, operated by company 台灣小客車租賃. There were 4 departure times available, 0930, 1240, 1430 and 1700, we took the earliest one.

Early morning, we took bus service 160 from FengJia (5 mins walk from our accommodation 逢甲新宿 (FengJiaXinSu) to HSR Taichung station, took around 40mins. Click here to read my review on 逢甲新宿 (FengJiaXinSu).

Bus stop to FengJia accommodation

Bus stop was nearby our accommodation 逢甲新宿 (FengJiaXinSu), within 5 minutes walking distance.

FengJia - McD, 160 from HSR to FengJia stops here

Bus service 160 from HSR Taichung station to this bus stop in FengJia, right in front of the McDonald’s which was 3 mins walk from Feng Chia University.

FengJia - Opposite McD where station to take bus 160 to HSR station 1

We took bus service 160 opposite McDonald’s and Watson right across the street, from FengJia to HSR Taichung station.

FengJia - bus 160 to HSR

Bus service 160 from FengJia to HSR Taichung station.

 The shuttle van from HSR Taichung station to CingJing departed sharp at 0930. Whole journey took around 90mins with smooth traffic, cost NT400 per person. It was a decent van, quite cozy. The driver didn’t speak much, his driving skill was pretty good. Take note that appointment need to be made 1 day before the departure time if by phone call, and 3 days in advance if via email. Their contact person was 唐銘煌 (Tang) with contact number 0977 141669, and email address of

 If you prefer to take public transport to save some money, then you can consider taking bus services of NanTou Bus Transportation Company (南投汽車客運股份有限公司). It offered bus service from HSR TaiChung Station (platform 3 at exit 5) to CingJing via Puli (埔里). According to NanTou Bus Transportation Company’s timetable, whole journey takes near to 2 hours, cost around NT300.

NanTou Bus from HSR TaiChung station to CingJing

Time table of HSR TaiChung Station and CingJing route, service offered by NanTou Bus Transportation Company.

 You can find more information about NanTou Bus Transportation Company’s services at their website.

They also offer transportation services to Sun Moon Lake (日月潭) and XiTou (溪头), and other tour packages. Here is their contact number (049)2984031.


Small Swiss Garden (小瑞士花園)

We reach Small Swiss Garden at 1130, quickly bought some snacks and ice cream from the 7-11 shore next to Carton King before heading to ticketing counter.



I find the pumpkin carriage very cute.

Before started exploring, we first grabbed a good seat at pond side for dancing water show. The first show started at 0930, and the last one was 2030 (Sat & Sun have additional time slot at 2130) with the interval of 1 hour. We had been expecting a good show, but it was so disappointing, a few little rusty pipes splashing water around  for few minutes…

Without waiting for the dancing show to end, we moved on to check out those beautiful and eyes catching flowers in Small Swiss Garden, both real and artificial.

 We spent an hour in Small Swiss Garden, I find it not so interesting, maybe because I am not a flower type of person and the dancing  water show was really bad…


Carton King (纸箱王)

Carton King was just next to Small Swiss Garden, with free admission. Their products were really creative and interesting, I was tempted to get some as souvenir. We finished exploring this little shop in 30mins.

 Shuttle bus is available during weekends and holiday connecting CingJing Recreation Center (清境農場遊客休閒中心) and CingJing farm (青青草原). The service is available from 0800 to 1600, 1 way cost NT15 per person, get ready coins for the fee.

 After a short break, we headed to CingJing Recreation Center opposite Small Swiss Garden car cark (downhill), for weekends shuttle bus service.


CingJing Recreation Center and the car park.

CingJing weekends shuttle bus

Passengers waiting at the bus stop of CingJing Recreation Center for weekends shuttle bus service, going uphill.

CingJing weekends shuttle bus service

Map of CingJing shuttle bus service, available during weekends and holiday.

We took the shuttle bus from CingJing Recreation Center to CingJing farm, and follow the map above to slowly walk downhill back to Small Swiss Garden.

Next, is sheep show time!



  1. Shuttle bus is available during weekends and holiday connecting CingJing Recreation Center (清境農場遊客休閒中心) and CingJing farm (青青草原), from 0800 to 1600.


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