GaoMei Wetland (高美湿地) is well known of its breathtaking scenery, especially during sunset, with all those huge windmills spread out in that area . That beautiful place was located in QingShui (清水) District of TaiChung (台中), around 38km from HSR TaiChung Station (台中高铁站). The wetland’s ecology has diversified species of plants and animals like birds, crabs and fishes, where the soils consist of mixture of mud and sand.


Getting to GaoMei Wetland (高美湿地)

Initially we wanted to get there by  bus and train, from HSR TaiChung Station, but our research shows that hiring driver will be a better choice for us.

Traveling time by taking bus and train would take up to 1hour (excluded waiting time). Besides that, the bus services’ frequency was pretty low and timings weren’t good for us. We rather to spend more money hiring driver, so that able to have more enjoyable and quality time at that relaxing place.

If you are interested to travel by bus and train, here are the steps with starting point at HSR TaiChung Station:

  1. Walk to Xinwuri (新乌日) train station, and take train to QingShui (清水) station, take around 30mins. You can find most updated train timetable and information here at Taiwan Railways Administration website.Xinwuri - QingShui train station timetableXinwuri train station to QingShui train station timetable and fare.
  2. At QingShui (清水) train station, take Geya (巨业客运) bus service number 178 (NT21) or 179 (NT22), alight at last stop to GaoMei Wetland.

Walk from QingShui train station to Geya  bus station

Direction from QingShui train station to Geya bus station, around 1km.

Geya bus 178 timetable

Geya bus 178 timetable.

Geya bus 179 timetable

Geya bus 179 timetable.

 You can follow exactly the same route to go back. Take note of the buses’ timetables, especially the last bus.

QingShui train station - Xinwuri train station timetable

QingShui train station  to Xinwuri train station timetable and fare.

GaoMei Wetland (高美湿地)

By hiring driver, our travelling time reduced to 30mins, from HSR TaiChung Station. We arrived GaoMei Wetland around 5pm, had more than sufficient time to explore the place and get ready for the beautiful sunset. You can check on the sunset time at this website.

We followed the pathway that leading us to a long wooden bridge, surrounding by spectacular greenery and wetland views.

GaoMei Wetland - entrance to bridge and wetland 4

Entrance to wooden bridge and wetland, sweet…

GaoMei Wetland - Ecology

GaoMei Wetland, a home for creatures like birds and crabs.

GaoMei Wetland - bridge to wetland 5

Spend a relaxing, enjoyable and refreshing evening with your lovely families and friends here at GaoMei Wetland.

 At the end of the wooden bridge, we reach at an open wetland area. Are you ready to get your shoes off to  feel the wetland, soil and water physically?


GaoMei Wetland - Kids

Is cutie kids time!

GaoMei Wetland - wetland 9

Graduate Convocation at GaoMei Wetland?!!

We had a wonderful evening at GaoMei Wetland, was a memorable and valuable trip, will try to include that into our next visit as well!

Night fall came so soon without us even noticing, until driver called to remind us about time to next destination. Then only we realized it was dinner time, and started feeling hungry… but no worry, because all the delicious foods in FengJia Night Market were await for our arrival!!!


  1. Evening is a good time to visit GaoMei Wetland, with tremendous sunset view!
  2. If you are to travel to GaoMei Wetland by bus and train, do check out the timetable and plan ahead to prevent wasting time during transition.
  3. Click here to check sunrise and sunset times.


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8 Responses to Taiwan (台湾) – Day 1: A Relaxing Evening at the Beautiful GaoMei Wetland (高美湿地) [TaiChung (台中)]

  1. steph says:

    Hi Alec.

    Me and my friend is interested to go to Gaomei Wetland from Taichung, but have no contacts to hire a driver. Can we know the contact details of the driver you hired and how much it cost?


    • Chee Chuan says:

      Hi Steph,

      Is Chee Chuan here, hope you find my post informative and entertaining.

      GaoMei Wetland is really a beautiful place, you have a good taste, haha…

      If you have a facebook account, can try to contact my driver 謝儀明. He was busy on that day so passed the job to his elder brother. Service wise not bad, and quite talkative and helpful.

      Here are a few more drivers with good reviews 洪瑞孝, (小江), 男子漢. You might want to consider approaching them fast, as their schedule can be quite full sometimes. Price wise I think around NT2000 for a 7 seater is quite reasonable (from TaiChung HSR to GaoMei, then to FengJia), by considering taking taxi from TaiChung HSR Station to GaoMei Wetland can cost up to NT800.

      Hope my information is helpful, enjoy your trip, cheers :)

      Chee Chuan

      • Grace says:

        Hi Alec, all your post for TW is very useful and informative. Thank you for putting them up for sharing. NT800 is one way right ? So for NT2000, the driver will pick you from Airport — GaoMei — Fengjia — hotel ? Thanks.

  2. Zhi Shan says:

    Thanks for the great info!

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    Thank you for useful information !!!

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