Departure - Changi airport 1

Taiwan, here we come!

We were so excited about the trip, knowing that will definitely be a very enjoyable and memorable one, and it was!

Arrived at Taiwan TaoYuan (桃园) International Airport Terminal 1 around 1345. On our way to luggage claiming, a standing banner caught my attention – “Free half-day tour”! Morning and afternoon tours sponsored to transit and transfer passengers in first come first served basis, thumb up!

Taoyuan Airport - Free half day tour for transit and transfer passangersFound this free half-day tour for transit and transfer passengers at Taiwan TaoYuan International Airport, in first come first served basis.

Knowing that there were telecom shops at the arrival hall, we decided to get a 7 day pass Chunghwa Telecom (中華電訊) prepaid SIM card package (NT500 – 7 days unlimited data & airtime balance NT150) which available at airport store only (stated on their menu), before heading to High Speed Rail (HSR – 高铁) TaoYuan Station for transportation to Taichung (台中). I found their data service quite reliable, no issue throughout the trip.

Turn left after came out to arrival hall, walk all the way to the end and turn left again, you can see these telecom shops on your right along the pathway.

Taoyuan Airport - Chunghwa TelecomChunghwa Telecom TaoYuan International Airport store and the prepaid SIM card packages.

After that, we followed the sign “Bus to High Speed Rail” to the public bus ticketing counters and boarding points.

Taoyuan Airport - signboard pointing to bus to city ticketing counter and boarding pointThe signboard clearly showing the direction to public bus ticketing counters and boarding points.

Ubus company offered shuttle bus services between TaoYuan International Airport and HSR TaoYuan Station. 2 tickets cost us NT30 each, the journey took around 20mins under smooth traffic condition. Remember to check with the staff for boarding time and platform number.

Ubus shuttle bus service to HSR Taoyuan stationUbus shuttle bus service from TaoYuan International Airport to High Speed Rail (HSR) TaoYuan Station.

The bus stopped in front of entrance 5 of HSR TaoYuan Station, we entered and turned right to the HSR ticketing counter. We had purchased the HSR tickets online few weeks before the trip, to enjoy the early bird promotion!  We got ours at NT530 per ticket, having 10% discount on original ticket price of NT590.

Take note that purchasing HSR tickets online 8-28 days in advance could get early bird promotion up to 35%! You can find out more about the early bird promotion here at their website.

HSR Taoyuan StationHSR tickets collecting at HSR TaoYuan Station.

HSR Taoyuan Station - Sourvenir vending machineSouvenir vending machine at HSR TaoYuan Station.

After collecting the HSR tickets at the counter, we quickly checked out the 7-11 store and grabbed some foods before the train arrived. We were surprised by the huge variety of foods and drinks offered by Taiwan 7-11, having difficulties to decide what to eat! I wanted to take a video of the store but ended up stopped by staffs, then only I realized that taking photo or video is prohibited in Taiwan 7-11.

EasyCard (悠遊卡) was a useful and widely used card for Taiwan transportation, to add value to our EasyCard was the top few in our to-do list when reach Taiwan. We did it at the 7-11 store. A reminder for you to do the same.

We bought soya mixed meat with noodle (干面), Oden (关东煮) and a bottle of green tea (绿茶), cost us NT160. Next, we followed indicator board to the correct platform for boarding. Train started sharp at 1521, whole journey took around 40mins (so fast!), just nice for us to finish our first lunch in Taiwan, on train.

HSR TaiChung Station - boardingHSR train boarding, from TaoYuan Station to TaiChung Station, the journey was around 40mins, it was really fast!

1st day lunchSoya mixed meat with noodle and Oden as our 1st lunch in Taiwan, on train.

It was so quiet inside the train, as most of the passengers were asleep throughout the traveling period, like both of us were the only one eating and talking… I find it quite funny and interesting :)

The soya mixed meat with noodle wasn’t so great, I found it tasted a bit bitter and didn’t really like it. Oden was ok, overall was a bit too soft, but I like the soup especially the Mala (麻辣) flavor. We like bottled tea in Taiwan, tasted so good and refreshing!

The train traveled so fast, but surprisingly it was so quiet and stable, we were amazed!

Our next destination was GaoMei Wetland (高美湿地). We contacted a driver before the trip, and hired him for a round trip from HSR TaiChung Station to GaoMei Wetland, follow by last stop at our accommodation at FengJia Night Market, at a cost of NT2000.

Upon arrival at HSR TaiChung Station, we met up the driver and headed to the beautiful GaoMei Wetland, to catch our first sunset of the Taiwan trip!

DriverOur driver for GaoMei Wetland round trip.


  1. Check out the free half-day tour for transiting and transferring passengers available at TaoYuan Airport.
  2. You can buy prepaid SIM Card at airport, different plans available.
  3. Purchase HSR tickets online 8-28 days in advance to get early bird promotion up to 35%.
  4. Get EasyCard (悠遊卡) ready when you first reach Taiwan, that is a widely used card for public transportation, available at 7-11 stores.

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  1. Mark says:


    Thanks for sharing.

    I want to know whether I can get the Easycard at Taoyuan International Airport when I arrive.

    Thank you.

    kind regards

  2. xy says:

    Hi, how do you contact a driver? is there any website that you can go to to find someone who can bring you around?

  3. christina says:


    may i know how much time should allocates for the whole process of after check out collect luggage, buy prepaid card, buy bus ticket till reach HSR taoyuan station ? i plan to purchase early bird HST ticket from taoyun to zuoyeng. wondering how much time to spare to avoid miss train and waste money.

    thank you

  4. Ikang says:

    Hi, Thank you for your article. It’s very useful. anyway, may I know is that any broadband inernet (unlimited) sim card on chunghua telecom ?
    Thank you

  5. Zoe says:

    Hi! The hsr tickets that you booked online prior to departure, have to be paid by credit card online or we are able to do so at the counter when we collect the tickets? TIA!

  6. my domain says:

    Hi! If I were to get the HSR tickets online but missed the scheduled train, can I still board the next train?

  7. Roseline Ooi says:

    Hi ,
    From Taoyuan airport how to get bus1962 to Banqiao?

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