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Singapore gay rally draws thousands amid controversy

Pink or white? What colour will you support?

Participants dressed in pink enjoy a picnic before taking part in the forming of a giant pink dot at the Speakers’ Corner in Hong Lim Park in Singapore on 28 June 2014. Pink Dot organisers said the rally drew around 26,000 participants An annual gay rally in Singapore has drawn thousands amid an unprecedented backlash from religious groups. Pink Dot has been held every year since 2009. Attendees […]

Share it out, make your friends aware of this rally!


Malaysia, Truly Asia!

Get ready to find out more about my beautiful home town, click play and enjoy…

You like it? Is time to plan for a trip to Malaysia, there are a lot of amazing and enjoyable experiences awaiting for your arrival!

Let share it out to show your friends and families how beautiful Malaysia is :)



U.N. report: Our oceans are trashed with plastic

A Chinese boy runs along the trash-strewn beach along the sea coast in Anquan village, which is in Hainan province, in 2011.


  • Plastic waste in oceans is causing $13 billion of damage to marine ecosystems each year, new reports say
  • Microplastics smaller than 5 millimeters, which are common in consumer goods, are especially dangerous
  • The solution to the problem is increasing recycling and decreasing unneeded use of plastics

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Plastic is important in our life, in many aspects, but its’ negative impacts to the environment are huge.

Let’s start using alternatives like recycle bag, to cut down usage on plastic at the same time recycle them. Thanks those who have been practicing that, and more people should join in and do the same.

Let’s go green!!!

Can Vietnamese comics win readers' hearts?

Let read some Vietnamese comics!

Share this page Delicious Digg Facebook reddit StumbleUpon Twitter Email Print Hanoi Nguyen Thanh Phong’s Dragon General The Dragon General is about a military leader who fought off a Mongol invasion Continue reading the main story Related Stories A boy held captive in wooden stocks stares straight ahead, his gaze piercing. In the background, a woman sits on a hammock fanning herself. The arresting image graces the cover of a new Vietnamese comic entitled Long Than Tuong – The […]

This is interesting, I find it strange why the law wasn’t passed and being executed earlier… But good thing is at least the parliament is now trying to do something to protect kids from child pornography.

STORY HIGHLIGHTS Japan’s parliamentary upper house passes law to ban possession of child pornography Production and distribution were already outlawed Campaigners say the bill should have included sexually explicit anime and manga Industry says a ban on comics would restrict freedom of expression (CNN) — Japan has finally made the possession of child pornography a punishable offense. The country’s upper house of parliament passed a bill Wednesday, which will see people found with explicit images of children jailed for […]

Ultimate Selfie Compilation of Traveling to 36 Countries in 600 Days! - screen shot

Woohoo~~ Let watch this superb 3mins video with selfie compilation of 36 countries that the guy has visited in 600 days! It blew my mind when I first watching, and it still does.

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I will come back to this video sometimes when I feel like traveling, am thinking to get a selfie stick and capture nice shots just like him!

Share and like it if you want to have adventurous trips just like him!

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