fried minced port with holy basil with fried egg stall 2

This was the last day of our trip, taking afternoon flight, so decided to rush all the way to Chatuchak market early morning after a quick breakfast, a last minute shopping for clothes, souvenir, foods and house decorating items. We wanted to have local street food the one last time for breakfast, and saw these stalls selling Pad La Pow (fried minced port with holy basil and fried egg) and cha yen opposite Pantip Plaza, right across New Petchburi Road, we were so lucky to decide trying.

We had the authentic local breakfast at a small table beside the mobile beverage stall that selling us cha yen. The dish was superb! We didn’t expect a simple local cuisine selling at roadside can be so good! If you are lucky enough to see this same lady in the picture still selling the dish at the same location, don’t hesitate, go ahead and try it out on the spot, eating it hot taste the best.

fried minced port with holy basil with fried egg stall

Roadside stall that selling goodPad La Pow (fried minced port with holy basil and fried egg).

fried minced port with holy basil with fried egg 1

The best Pad La Pow (fried minced port with holy basil and fried egg) that I have ever had!

 Cha yen was so nice too, a lot better than the 1 we tried in Pratunam Market, there was a long queue waiting patiently for the beverage to be served. The lady took her own sweet time preparing drinks, but worth the time waiting. The Cha Yen was so smooth, favor was so rich but just nice, wasn’t any bitter or sour taste. I will try to buy 1 every morning before heading to work if I were to work and stay nearby, like those locals in the queue.

mobile beverage stall

This lady made very good Cha Yen.

 That breakfast was really so satisfying, we ever thought of having the dish and cha yen again when we came back from Chatuchak Market, but too bad it was too rush.

After the meal, we rush all the way to Chatuchak Market by BTS [80 baht], and we had only 3 hours for shopping. It was too short and we wished that was at least 6 hours… Running here and there, using the last opportunity to get whatever we been looking for throughout the whole trip, hopefully to buy all at once before the trip ended. Both of us had even been shopping like that before, it sounds crazy but was really fun running around in Chatuchak Market!

 Time flied, finally it was time to mark an end to our 8 days Bangkok trip. The bags and luggage we brought weren’t enough, well no choice but to get a new big pink luggage at Chatuchak Market, but that pinky was only enough to store 70% of the items that we bought during the trip.

luggage back to SG

Welcome the new member, pinky to our big family.

 Bangkok, is really an interesting and fun place that worth spending time in. We are glad that able to add this charming destination to our visited list, and can’t wait to visit again in near future!  Hope you had fun and hope this provides extraordinary value to you !

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