Silom Thai Cooking Class - Local Market 2

I always wanted to learn cooking local cuisine during my previous trips, as I believe that is a actually a good way to feel the local way of living. Experience local culture, trying to live their way and eat local cuisine are always my main objectives for traveling.

There are a few popular cooking classes in Bangkok, I chose Silom Thai Cooking School because it was cheap (1000 Baht per person), convenient location (68 Silom Soi 13 | Opposite Narai Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand – near MRT Silom station), good online reviews about friendly and knowledgeable staffs and fun learning experience. There are 3 classes available daily, we joined the morning class so that can visit other attractions afterwards:

  • Morning Class : 9:00am – 1:00pm  (INCLUDE MARKET TOUR)
  • Afternoon Class : 1:40pm – 5:30pm  (INCLUDE MARKET TOUR)
  • Evening Class : 6.00 pm – 9.00 pm

You can find out more in their homepage.

The staffs are indeed so helpful and friendly, their response to my registration was so promptly. They were able to answer all my questions patiently with detailed information, and able to provide accurate and useful suggestions about transportation to the cooking school, even with clear pictures showing landmarks of destination’s surrounding, thumb up!

We reach the meeting point by cab [50 baht] around 0850, the staff who picking us was Maai, a cheerful and friendly lady who speaks fluent English. Around 15 of us joining that morning class, so we were divided into 2 groups with different teachers, our teacher was Jay, a funny, knowledgeable and responsible guy who had brighten our day and brought us a lot of joys during the 4 hours cooking class.

Started off with an ice breaking session, introduced ourselves. It was a bit quiet at the beginning, but atmosphere getting better and everyone getting to know each other better throughout all the activities. After introduction, Jay led us to the nearest market for fresh and traditional ingredients purchasing, show us variety of ingredients for authentic Thai cuisine. It was a good and learning experience, for person who seldom visit market like me, at least I can still remember some of the things we bought.

Silom Thai Cooking Class - Local Market 1

Our teacher Jay was showing us some techniques in choosing fresh and nice seafood, we got some for our TOM -YUM – GOONG (SPICY  SOUR  SHRIMP   SOUP) and PAD-THAI (FRIED  NOODLE  THAI STYLE).

Silom Thai Cooking Class - Local Market 2

Some tofu please, but white or yellow?

Silom Thai Cooking Class - Local Market 3

Haha, I like his expression, a funny and cute guy.

Silom Thai Cooking Class - Local Market 4

The chicken stall also selling some Thai spices.

Silom Thai Cooking Class - Local Market 6

Silom Thai Cooking Class - Local Market 7

Silom Thai Cooking Class - Local Market 8

Time to get some vegetables, chili, lime, tomato, garlic,…

 We headed to the cooking school after the market tour, it took us around 5mins walk to the school, which located in a small alley off the main street, surrounding by local residential.

Silom Thai Cooking Class -Silom Thai Cooking school 1

Silom Thai Cooking School, also a hotel hiding in local residential.

There were separated areas for preparation, cooking and eating. We 1st being seated at the eating and resting area, relaxing while the staffs helping us to handle some ingredients to make it easier for us to manage later. The school looked great, so clean and tidy, made us feel at home. They also offered lockers for our belongings while we were attending the course.

Silom Thai Cooking Class - Resting & eating area 1

The eating hall, nicely decorated and clean, I liked it, so relaxing…

Silom Thai Cooking Class - Cooking area 1

Tidy and clean cooking area.

 Silom Thai Cooking Class - Mr Brad Pitt was helping us with some preparations

Mr Brad Pitt (claimed to be) was helping us with some preparations.

Foods preparation started 30mins after we reach the school in the room next door, ingredients were placed on floor at the center of the room. All of us seated on floor surrounding the ingredients throughout the preparation stage, it was so fun and a novel experience for us, and that was one of the reasons that I have chosen the school when I found out this special arrangement in their website.

Silom Thai Cooking Class - Ingredients preparing area 1

Ingredients placed in traditional containers on the floor, and everyone was given a set of utensil for preparation.

Silom Thai Cooking Class - Thai spices 2

Silom Thai Cooking Class - Thai spices 1

Thai style spices, and there was really a lot…

 Menus are different everyday, we went for TOM -YUM – GOONG (SPICY  SOUR  SHRIMP   SOUP), PAD-THAI (FRIED  NOODLE  THAI STYLE) and GEANG  – KHEW – WAAN – GAI (GREEN  CURRY WITH  CHICKEN). Do check out the menus at their website before making reservation. First dish was TOM -YUM – GOONG, thanks to all the staffs, the ingredients preparation was so fun and entertaining, it was so easy and manageable even for those who seldom cook, like me. We moved to cooking area just outside the room, and start making our TOM -YUM – GOONG!

Jay was really so helpful, he could speak very good English and explained every step in a layman term, all cooking steps were clear and easy, all of us were able to execute without a single problem, I didn’t expect cooking can be so fun. He even showed us some ways to decorate the foods to make them more photogenic.

After finish cooking, we proceed to try our 1st time self-cooked TOM -YUM – GOONG at the resting area. The dish looked good, and it tasted surprisingly good! So far it was the best TOM -YUM – GOONG I had in the trip, oppsss… I didn’t expect that I can cook nice TOM -YUM – GOONG too, even with those simple steps learnt in the cooking school, I believe that I can do it again when back at home.

Silom Thai Cooking Class - Self cooked creamy style  tom yum goong

The best TOM -YUM – GOONG throughout the trip.

 After that, follow by  PAD-THAI (FRIED  NOODLE  THAI STYLE) and GEANG – KHEW – WAAN – GAI (GREEN  CURRY WITH  CHICKEN). Both dishes were not bad too, now I can cook Thai cuisine!

Silom Thai Cooking Class - Cooking pad thai 3

PAD-THAI (FRIED  NOODLE  THAI STYLE) cooking in progress.

Silom Thai Cooking Class - Self cooked pad thai

Woohoo, the PAD-THAI (FRIED  NOODLE  THAI STYLE) looks yummy!

Silom Thai Cooking Class - Cooking green curry with chicken 1

A lot ingredients for GEANG – KHEW – WAAN – GAI (GREEN  CURRY WITH  CHICKEN.

 Silom Thai Cooking Class - self cooked green curry with chicken

The GEANG – KHEW – WAAN – GAI (GREEN  CURRY WITH  CHICKEN was a bit watery, I prefer heavier taste .

 After main courses, Jay made us dessert Kluay Buad Chee (Banana with coconut milk), banana tasted so good in coconut milk, but you might find it too creamy if you are not a fan of coconut milk.

Silom Thai Cooking Class - Banana with coconut milk (kluay buad chee)

Banana in coconut milk, I kind of like it.

 The cooking school also offer the service to pack the foods that you couldn’t finish which was great, we could enjoy our self-cooked foods anytime, and most importantly that prevent food wastage!

The course included a recipe book with complete information and steps, we ever tried to cook TOM -YUM – GOONG back at home by referring to the recipe book, it tasted as good as the one we made in the cooking school, satisfied.

Silom Thai Cooking Class - Recipe book

Silom Cooking Class’s Recipe Book, a very useful and informative reference.

 The cooking class was one of the best moments and activities that we had experienced throughout the trip. Try to squeeze a few hours out from your itinerary for that, you won’t regret it.

After the class, we took BTS to Siam [44 baht], and spent the afternoon around Siam area, have had a relaxing afternoon in Bangkok.

=> Read on here to see the rest of Day 7’s itinerary – a relaxing afternoon in Siam area.






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