The Platinum Fashion Mall

In the evening, we reach Platinum Fashion Mall (222 11th Floor Petchburi Road, ThanonPetchburi, Ratchthevi, Phone: 02-121-8000) for dinner, follow by shopping. It was right next to Central World, and opposite to Pratunam Market across New Petchburi Road.

Platinum Fashion Mall is a huge building with more than 2200 shops selling clothes and accessories, definitely a paradise for shopaholic, we were so excited and wanted to spend the whole night shopping there. The shopping mall wasn’t one of the must visit attractions in my list, so I didn’t do much research about it. We realized that some shops started to close after our dinner, finding it weird but didn’t really pay much attention about it, until more and more shops are closed along the way. End up a shop owner told us that Platinum Fashion Mall closing at 2000, no one will ever expected a big shopping mall to close at 2000 everyday, at least not us…

Too bad that was the 2nd last day of our trip and already have plan to hit Chatuchak Market again on the last day, if not we will definitely visit the mall again! So those who plan to visit Platinum Fashion Mall, do take note of the opening hours listed below:

  • SAT, SUN, WED : 08.00 – 20.00
  • MON, TUE, THU, FRI : 09.00 – 20.00

Pratunam district area map

Map of Pratunam District.

It was bad, and we needed something to cheer us up right away! Suddenly, I recalled that some friends ever recommended the salt coated grilled fish selling at stalls located at the street along the way between Platinum Fashion Mall and Central World, why not.

We reach around 2030, the street was already so crowded with locals and foreigners. There were a few stalls selling the same dishes and we could already smell the grilled fish from far, we just picked the one with friendly staffs.

Salt Coated Grilled Fish street 1

The street with salt coated grilled fish stalls, so happening at night.

Salt Coated Grilled Fish street 2

Crowded with locals and foreigners, everyone likes nice food!

 Salt Coated Grilled Fish stall - foods grilling in progress

Grilling in progress…

Those stalls also offering dishes other than the famous grilled fish, like grilled pork, barbeque beef, TOM -YUM – GOONG, Thai style fried rice, fried vegetable, roasted chicken, etc. We ordered salt coated grilled fish, Thai style spicy fried clam and fried rice, cost us around 300 baht.

Salt Coated Grilled Fish stall menu

Menu for grilled dishes.

Salt Coated Grilled Fish stall - fried rice

An ordinary fried rice, not so bad.

Salt Coated Grilled Fish

Looked at the giant grilled fish, we both were shocked when it was served…

Salt Coated Grilled Fish's thai style sour and spicy sauce

Spicy Thai sauce for the fish, very nice!

Thai style spicy fried clam

Thai style spicy fried clam was good, so fresh and the taste was appetite stimulating. Erm, am I hungry already?

The fish was so huge, at once we were worrying if can finish it. The fish was so fresh with firm meat, we could taste the freshness with the simple cooking method, it tasted even better with the special Thai style sour and spicy sauce. The Thai style spicy fried clam also very nice, really an authentic Thai dish which able to fulfill my craving, feeling hungry now when thought of it.

Ok, the meal served the purpose very well, we were no longer feeling bad about missing the shopping opportunity in  Platinum Fashion Mall. Worrying about growing fatter after all these delicious foods taken in Bangkok, we walked back hotel trying to burn some calories, but obviously that didn’t help much as ended up I brought back 3kg as souvenir from Bangkok…

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