Terminal 21 Shopping Mall - San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge 3

Terminal 21 Shopping Mall, with the address of Sukhumvit Road between Soi 19 and 21, open daily 10am – 10pm. Its’ interior design was so eye balls catching and attractive, combining several countries’ famous attractions and architectural under one roof, with different level having different and unique country’s landmark and culture.

You could just spend half a day checking out this interesting mall with 600 shops, or spend a relaxing time catching a movie in the cinema. There is also a supermarket and food court selling all kinds of Thai local cuisine and international fare, you can definitely find some fun activities to make up your day.

Here is the list of countries placed within the shopping mall:

  • GF – ROME
  • MF – PARIS
  • 1F – TOKYO
  • 2F – LONDON

Getting to Terminal 21

The shopping mall is just next to BTS Asok Station and MRT Sukhumvit Station, so you could reach there BTS or MRT. We decided to take cab form our hotel, costs us 50 baht which was not much difference compare to taking BTS or MRT, for 2 persons.

When we first stepped in, we noticed some airport sign boards right in front of escalators showing the destination that the escalators leading to, the decoration and architectural concept are totally different once got down from the escalator, it was like we have been traveled to another country with a short ride.

 We spent half a day wandering around, taking our own sweet time shopping and exploring this cutting-edge concept interior design. We started from LG and go all the way up, wanted to cover all the landmarks and not to miss a single spot.

Terminal 21 Shopping Mall - Caribbean light house

2 levels high candy striped lighthouse.

Terminal 21 Shopping Mall - Rome

GF with ROME theme is full of sculptures.

 Terminal 21 Shopping Mall - Tokyo Samurai

Samurai suit or armor display at 1F, which full of TOKYO culture and landmarks.

Terminal 21 Shopping Mall - Tokyo Torii

Torii gate found at 1F, but it’s not leading to any Shinto shrine.

Terminal 21 Shopping Mall - Tokyo Sumo

Is that a Sumo match, or the 2 rikishi are trying to hug the pillar?

Terminal 21 Shopping Mall - Tokyo Maneki-neko

Maneki-neko, good luck everybody, meow…

Terminal 21 Shopping Mall - London 2

Londo Routemaster, such a beauty…

 Terminal 21 Shopping Mall - London 1

 Queen’s Guard found.

 Terminal 21 Shopping Mall - London way to toilet

London subway train leading you all the way to washroom…

 Terminal 21 Shopping Mall - Istanbul

Numbers of Istanbul lamp at 3F.

 Terminal 21 Shopping Mall - San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge 1


Terminal 21 Shopping Mall - San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge 2

The great San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge connecting level 4F & 5F, my personal favorite architectural in Terminal 21!

 You can find most of the shops’ decorations have adapted the same design of that particular floor’s theme, with that the concept of blending different countries’ culture into one is more complete. More surprises come from the toilets, that was the first time for me to visit every level’s toilet of a shopping mall, but not for the purpose of using it for nature’s call.

That is an interesting place, we will definitely visit again.

Both of us were kind of tired, so just grabbed some street foods like Kebab [50 baht] and grilled pork sausage [20 baht] along the way back for dinner.

Kebab in front of Pantip shopping complex

Surprisingly, the Kebab in Bangkok was not bad at all, so far I have had twice and both were good!

 grilled sausage in front of Pantip shopping complex

Grilled sausage is always one of my favorite, no complain.

 We tried to rest early and catch some sleep, getting ourselves fully ready for next early morning’s exciting activity, Thai cooking class!

=>  Click here to access Day 7 itinerary, its time to learn some Thai cooking!




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