Amorosa Bar - Sunset view 5

 Amorosa Bar, a very popular bar for Wat Arun’s sunset and night view, it is located at east side of Chao Phraya River, opposite Wat Arun, less than 10mins walk from Wat Pho. It is actually a bar at 4th floor of Arun Residence with address 36-38 Soi Pratoo Nok Yoong, Maharat Road, Rattanakosin Island, Bangkok, 10200, Thailand (Contact: 02-221-9158).

 Take note that Amorosa Bar serves only beverage and finger foods. We wanted to have dinner at The Deck, the restaurant of Arun Residence, but most seats were reserved  left with those unpopular one, ended up we went elsewhere nearby for dinner. So always make sure you call to reserve in advance to prevent disappointment.

And all I can say was the view of the sunset was spectacular!

Arun Residence - The Deck

Entrance of Arun Residence and The Desk.

Amorosa Bar signboard day view

Amorosa Bar located at 4th floor of Arun Residence.

There was so little choices for dinner place nearby, most of the shops closed quite early and not much people left on the street, I find it too quiet and a bit scary. Ended up we had our dinner at a café named The Gate located at entrance of the alley to Arun Residence. The café’s atmosphere was cozy and it provides free wifi service, we have had a relaxing dinner. We ordered Ham & Cheese Pinini, Green Curry Chicken and Mango Fresh shake.

Ham & Cheese Pinini and Mango Fresh shake were fine, nothing special. Green Curry Chicken was superb! The curry tasted so good, it smells good and favor was heavy, chicken was soft , the coconut milk made the curry texture so smooth and creamy, it was best with hot rice. I personally like the dish, and highly recommended. The meal cost us 250baht, I think it was pretty good price for the foods and environment.

The Gate  - Ham & Cheese Pinini

 Ham & Cheese Pinini, tasted normal.

 The Gate  - Mango fresh shake

Mango Fresh shake.

The Gate  - Green curry chicken

Nice Green Curry Chicken, yummy!

We went back to Amorosa Bar for sunset around 630pm, luckily it was not yet full house and still able to get nice seats for unblock view. We ordered 2 bottles of beer [360 baht], sitting on high chairs enjoying the romantic atmosphere and the beautiful sunset view of Wat Arun across Chao Phraya River.

Amorosa Bar 2


Amorosa Bar - Sunset view 1

Amorosa Bar - Sunset view 2

The river become so quiet when night comes…

Amorosa Bar - Sunset view 3

Wat Arun’s lights up.

Amorosa Bar - Sunset view 4

At night, Wat Arun is like a building covered with gold.

Amorosa Bar - night view 1

It is so beautiful that you can’t take your eyes off it, like a lively building in the dark.
Amorosa Bar signboard night view
Amorosa Bar at night.

It was a fulfilling day packed with several famous landmarks and tourism spots, we were able to experience and see what have been planned and expected, highly satisfied!

After leaving Amorosa Bar, we took tuk-tuk at the main road, but it wasn’t easy to get one. That area could be so quiet with not much pedestrian on the street, everywhere is so dark with dim street light, be careful if you are to stay late nearby. Maybe you can consider asking staffs of Amorosa Bar to get you a taxi, I think that might be safer.

So this wraps up Day 4.  Get ready for Day 5 tomorrow…its going to be another action packed day!

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