Maeklong Railway Market

Maeklong Railway Market is located in the Maeklong District in the Samut Songkram province near Amphawa Floating Market.  What’s special about this market, is that it is literally setup on top of the tracks of the Maeklong Railway and whenever the train comes, the market vendors will need to quickly dismantle so that the train can pass through!

The trains pass through the market 7 times each day, 4 times in the morning.  At the time of writing, the schedules of the train arriving are at 8:40am, 11:20am, 2:30pm, 3:30pm, and 5:40pm.  So you can time your visits to roughly this timing to see this unique practice of the vendors dismantling their stalls before the train comes crashing thru.  Please note that this timings are only for a reference, and from our experience can change unexpectedly each day.  So its best to confirm at the railway station itself.

Maeklong railway market - pic of rails

Do you see the railway tracks?  It runs right in the middle of this market!  Insane.

Getting to Maeklong Railway Market

To get to the Maeklong Railway Market from Amphawa,  the best way is to take a ‘big’ tuk tuk taxi.  What this is infact is just a pickup truck with its transport bed converted into a open air passenger bench.  You can take this tuk tuk infront of the Thanicha Healthy Resort.  It costs about 8 baht per person to take this ‘big’ tuk tuk and you only pay the driver when you have reached the destination.

The ‘big’ tuk tuk taxi.

Other passengers on board the taxi.

Alighting at the Maeklong Railway Market!

The Maeklong Railway Market is just located across the taxi bay from where the driver dropped us off.  The market itself is like any other local market, selling fresh seafood, fruits, vegetables, local spices, and cooked food.  The only difference is that all this is setup on top and around the railway tracks!

Look at all the stalls selling produce and foods.  Just inches away from the train tracks!

Fresh fish anyone?

Look at all that fresh vegetables and fruits on sale…all lined up along the tracks!

Mangoes on sale along with other exotic tropical fruits.

Buying some snacks.

It was some type of sticky rice snack wrapped up in lotus leaves.


So much snacks!

One of the friendly market vendors.

Around 12:30pm frantically started to clear out their baskets, boxes, and tables of goods near the railway tracks.  And at the same time they pulled up canvas tarps hanging overhead of their stalls so that it is no longer obstructing the train from coming.  All this happened in less than 2 minutes!

All the customers and other pedestrians then cleared out and stood outside from the tracks to make way for the train that was coming.

Vendor owners are clearing their stuff away as the train is coming!

The market is now clear for the train to pass!

Then a bright yellow train came in from the distance heading past the market towards the Maeklong Railway Station.  As the train came rushing by, we noticed that the shops were in fact only a few inches away from the train itself.

Once the train passed, the vendors would immediately setup shop again, and in less than 2 minutes, it was business as usual.

The train is coming!

Look how close the train was to everything!

Train passing through.  Look how close it was to this stall!

The final cart of the train passing by.

Once the train passed, all the stall vendors setup shop again.  It was back to business!

After seeing this peculiar market and how it operated when the train came, it was time to leave the place and go back to Bangkok.  From there we went to the nearest mini-van station which was about 10 minutes walk away, we asked the train station operator for directions –[ just walk out from the station (only one exit) and turn right and walk straight all the way until you see the traffic police center and just opposite the street from there was the mini-van station], to catch our transport back to Bangkok.

Exiting the Maeklong Railway Market.

You will pass by the traffic police station.

Visitor’s Information to the Maeklong Railway Market:

Opening hours – daily full day (early morning to night)


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  1. Lisa says:

    How did you go back to Bangkok from Maeklong railway market?
    As described, by the mini van? Is it a public transport? Is it safe? How much is the fare?
    How about going Bangkok by taxi?

    Thank you.

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