Monk Offering at Amphawa Floating Market

We woke up early in the morning 6am to do a monk offering.  This was something really special and unique to Thailand.

What it was, was that Buddhist monks will be collecting alms for their temple early in the morning and if you wished do so you can offer the monks some food and other offerings and in return they will recite a special Buddhist prayer to bless you.

If you are interested in doing an offering but you do not exactly know what to offer, very uniquely so, at the hotel we stayed it, they offered a special package where you can purchase an offering package which will include rice, vegetarian dish, vegetarian rice cake, water, and flowers.  This package costs 35 baht and will need to purchase during check in time.

Items for the Monk Offering (available at the hotel)

So we bought two sets of the package, and early in the morning we reached the riverside docks just outside the hotel at 6:40am.  By end it was considered late already as most monks have left.  Luckily for us, there was still one monk left in the distance paddling his boat.  He saw us and paddled his boat towards us.

One of the last few monks that left before us.

Luckily another monk came paddling in from the distance

So before we handed over the offerings to the monk, there was actually a special sequence that you must do.  According to the staff from the hotel, this is the procedure that you must follow:

1.)    Take off your shoes (bare foot)

2.)    Squat down

3.)    Offer the items in the following sequence: Rice, Vegetarian Dish, Rice Cake Dessert, and Water

4.)    The monk in return will give you a necklace with a Buddhist pendant and will recite a
Buddhist scripture (prayer) to bless you

Offering monk

Performing the Monk offering.

Monk giving Buddhist pendant as a gesture for offering.

Getting blessed by the monk.

This was a pretty interesting experience for us, considering we have never offered a monk before, and not only that a monk on a boat!

After we finished the offering, we back to the hotel, had some breakfast, and went back out to explore the Amphawa market during the weekeday.  It was so different on a weekday compared to a weekend.  On a weekday, the place was like a ghost town as almost all shops were closed.  So if you do want to come by to this market, make sure you go on a weekend.

No body insight.

No body…not even on the boats.

After a quick final stroll around Amphawa Floating Market, we went back to the hotel to check out and then headed to our next destination…the Maeklong Railway Market.


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