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After traveling from the Railway Market back to Bangkok, we quickly checked into our grungy hotel (more about that here) and took a break before heading out to Bangkok’s Chinatown.  This is where you will find super awesome food!  And this was perfect as it was in time for dinner!

Nam Sing Bird Nest

Nam Sing Bird Nest Bangkok Chinatown

The entrance to Nam Sing Bird Nest

The first place we stopped for a quick snack was a joint called Nam Sing Bird Nest.  For those of you who don’t know what bird nest is, it is a Chinese delicacy where it is basically harvested from the swallow nests.  It is a very traditional delicacy enjoyed by the Chinese for over 400 years and is believed to be good for the immune system.  Typical bird nest is cooked into a soup (usually a sweet soup).  Supposedly Nam Sing Bird Nest is famous in Bangkok for this sweet delicacy.

We ordered 2 bowls of the 3rd class white birds nest with longan fruit which costed us 300 Baht per bowl.  The conclusion, it was average as the bowls contained very little birds nest, and you can probably find even better elsewhere so it was worth all the hype to try this at Nam Sing Bird Nest.

China town - Nam Sing birdnet 2

2 bowls of bird nest soup at 300 Baht per bowl.

T&K Seafood Restaurant

Bangkok Chinatown T & K Seafood

The menu at T&K Restaurant…How can you not go wrong with such an awesome menu cover?

After the bird’s nest soup, it was finally time to go for the main dinner.  We opted for T&K Seafood Restaurant, which from our research, it is one of the more popular seafood restaurants in Chinatown that serves really high quality seafood and at very reasonable prices.

The restaurant’s address is at 49-51 Soi Phadung Dao, Yaowarat Rd. (corner Thong Suphan No. 453), and it can be easily spotted as it is always a full house with customers sitting outside of the restaurant, next to main street.  The staff there are wearing a green uniform.  The restaurant opens from 16:30-02:00, and the phone number is +66 (0) 2 223- 4519.

T&K seafood restaurant

Here’s what T&K Seafood Restaurant looks like from the outside.  Very easy to spot!  Just look for the green uniforms.

We reached around 6:30 pm, and it was already a full house, with the line up building up steadily after us.   This place will be crowded during dinner time, so I suggest to come earlier to avoid the crowds if you can.  For us we eventually got seated indoors at level 2, and thankfully so as the indoor seats have air conditioning, and that day it was blazing hot!

Here’s what we ordered:

steamed fish at T & K seafood restaurant

 Thai style steamed fish cooked with sour sauce – The fish was very fresh, and the portions were very generous.  The special Thai sour sauce tasted almost like Tom Yam soup with all the lemon grass.  It was very addictive as it went well with white rice…in the end I finished all the sauce!

vermicelli with prawns T &  K seafood

Braised Chinese vermicelli with prawns – This was my personal favourite!  The prawns were super big and fresh, and the vermicelli noodles were fantastic as it soaked up all the Chinese wine sauce in the claypot.  If it wasn’t for the huge portions, I would have just ate this all by myself.  A must try.

China town - T&K seafoods 5

 Boiled fresh water cockles – these are just like eating any other cockles.  I personally love eating cockles, but some people may find them alittle bit too ‘bloody’.

China town - T&K seafoods 6

 Stir fried water spinach – just your typical yummy vegetables, it had some kick to it as they stir fried it with fresh chili peppers.  Just needed some greens to eat after eating so much seafood!

The total cost of this entire meal was only 600 Baht which was incredible!  The food was fresh, tasted excellent, and served in generous portions.  Definitely this restaurant lived up to its hype, so I really recommend you to try this restaurant to out!

Sticky Rice with Mango Dessert

mango sticky rice with coconut milk bangkok thailand

The stall selling sticky rice with mangoes.

After the amazing seafood dinner, we walked around the main street in Chinatown.  There we saw a road side stall selling one of the classic local Thai desserts which was sticky rice drizzled with coconut milk, with fresh mangoes.  Even though we were very full, we had to try this, as it was too tempting!  One box of this amazing dessert only costed us 100 Bahts.

On the outside, it looked very simple.  It was a box with sticky rice cooked with coconut milk and fresh mangoes on the side.  But once you mix the two together, it was fantastic!  The mango was super ripe and sweet, while the sticky rice had a very creamy and sweet coconut aroma.  But be forewarned, this simple dish packs some serious calories and you’ll be super full after eating it with all that coconut milk inside =)

sticky rice with mango

 Sticky rice cooked with coconut milk with fresh mangoes.

After eating all the dessert, we were too full to continue on.  So we just walked around and took the transportation back to our hotel and called it a night!

PS:  We recommend you to take a taxi or tuk tuk back to your hotel from Chinatown.  As it is quite a walk from Chinatown to the nearest subway station, during the late evenings the side streets there can get quite dark and quiet so its not that safe especially if you are travelling alone.  So just exercise some caution there at night time.

Hope you are ready for Day 4…which is going to be something super special!  Stay tuned…


=> Click here to access Day 4’s itinerary 




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