Chatuchak Weekend Market - Bangkok Thailand

We actually woke up slightly later than expected therefore we skipped breakfast at our hotel and immediately headed out to the Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok around 9:30am in the morning.

So before we begin what is so special about this Chatuchak Market?

Well Chatuchak Market is labeled as the most popular shopping attraction in Bangkok.  It’s in fact the largest weekend street market there is.  It’s so incredible that over 8000 stalls make up this street market.  Just imagine….8000 different vendors selling you goods and knick knacks.

So back to the story…

For us we boarded the subway train (BTS) at Phrom Phong station and alighted at Mo Chit station (it costed about 40 baht) and this took us about 20 mins to reach.  Alternatively you can take the other subway train (MRT) and alight at Kampheng Phet station.

When you are at Mo Chit station, take exit 1 and just follow the crowd to the market.  It should take less than 5 mins to walk there from the station.

By the time we reached, it was already bombarded with people and heavy traffic, so just be prepared!

Oh and before I forget, please take note of this:  They call Chatuchak Market a WEEKEND market because its only opened on weekends, so do not attempt to visit this place during the weekdays as it will be CLOSED!

Chatuchak Weekend Market - Bangkok Thailand

 Look at the heavy traffic of cars lining up in front of the entrance of the Chatuchak Weekend Market.

entrance to Chatuchak Market

Entrance to the Chatuchak Weekend Market

Entering the Market

The Chatuchak Market is divided into 27 sections.  It covers both a outdoor and indoor market.  Most of the shops are housed in the tiny alleyways of the indoor market.   It was so overwhelming for a first time visitor like us we did not know where to start.

What we found best was to follow the map that they provide and zoom in on the exact type of things you want to see or buy first as they group the categories of goods into the various sections of the market.

Also after our first experience we recommend you to get to the market early in the day, as from lunch time on wards the market gets so incredibly packed and steaming hot, it makes navigation and shopping quite hectic.

Inside the Chatuchak Market

Vendors setting up shop inside the market.

Chatuchak Weekend Market Map

Map of the Chatuchak Weekend Market with the various sections classified by the type of goods sold.

It was in general a pretty awesome market.  We spent only about 2 hours, but in reality we could have spent the whole day there.  We managed to buy a few goods, and also sampled some snacks.

Chatuchak street food

Some street food at the market.  Awesome!

Street Meat at Chatuchak Weekend Market

Now this is what I call “Street Meat”!  Yum!

In the end we left the place around lunch time and headed to back to the BTS subway line at Mo Chit station and headed towards Victory Monument station to catch our van that will take us to the Amphawa Floating Market.

Here are some recommendations when visiting Chatuchak market:

  • You should try to bargain down the price by further 30% off if possible.  Some stalls labeled the prices at fixed pricing which is an indication that you cannot bargain further.  But sometimes its worth a shot so just politely ask if you can bargain down the price.
  • Visit during morning, it can be very hot and crowded in the afternoon
  • Try to wear light clothing and comfortable shoes
  • Bring luggage or backpack to lug around the stuff that you have bought there.
  • Becareful of pick pocketers, carry your bags, purses, wallets in the front of you and not back
  • Drink lots of water, so bring a bottle or two to keep yourself hydrated
  • Apply sunblock, bring a hat and sunglasses
  • Bring CASH, the shops do not accept anything else buy CASH

Visitor’s Information To Chatuchak Weekend Market:

Opens Saturday and Sundays from 9:00am to 6:00pm.

Alight at Mo Chit station (BTS subway route), or alternatively alight at Kampheng Phet station (MRT subway route)

location map of chatuchak weekend market

Location map of Chatuchak Weekend Market (highlighted red), nearest subway stops at Kampheng Phet Station (MRT subway) or Mo Chit Station (BTS subway)


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