Eating and dining at Amphawa Floating Market - Street Food

Dining Options At Amphawa Floating Market

So after walking around the market, our stomachs started to growl.  That clearly indicated it was finally time for dinner!

At the Amphawa Market, there are a few options for food.  You can go alfresco style and eat at the various restaurants that have outside dining which you sit right beside the riverside.  These are quite a nice place to eat if you would like to have a relaxing dinner together with your loved ones.

dining at Amphawa

Dining at one of the few restaurants by the river at Amphawa.

Alternatively, if you are feeling adventurous, then you can go local style and eat at the boat side stalls.

What’s cool about this is that all the food is prepared and cooked on the boat!  You simply line up to the desired boat stall and order your food there.  The person manning the stall will then cook it fresh in front of you and then will personally deliver you the food at your seat.  Actually its not really a seat, its just sitting on tiny stools along a bench that faces the river.  Pretty awesome to eat like this as you get to buddy up closer with the other locals eating and drinking along the river.

Dining local style

Boat stalls line up the river docks cooking up awesome meals.  This is how you dine local style!

Close up view of one of these boat stalls.  The lady here is cooking right on her boat.

Mingling with the locals as they eat along the riverbank.

The good news about these boat stalls is that the menus are also in English!  Thank God!  Haha.  So don’t worry about having to randomly point at things, they are clearly written on the menu in English.

We ordered a lot of food.  We ordered Som Tam (green papaya salad – 30 baht), water boiled cockles (clam like shell fish – 50 baht), grill fishes (50 baht), and cha yen (Thai Iced Tea – 30 baht), grilled squid (180 baht).

Mango Salad

Som Tam (fresh green papaya salad).  Just the right amount of fish oil sauce combined with the sourness of the green papaya gave this a great appetizer to your palette.  It was really fresh.  Only 30 Baht!

Grilled Fish

Grilled Fish.  The thing about this dish is the chilli sauce that comes with it.  Hot and so tasty!  Only 50 Baht!

Cha Yen

Cha Yen (the one on the left), obviously the one of the right is Pepsi!  The Cha Yen, was pretty smooth, its basically Thai Iced Milk Tea.


If you are into eating shell fish, these are called cockles that resembles a clam.  However the big difference with a cockle and a clam is that once the cockles are cooked, the shells still do not open.  But be warned, even when cooked, they are a bit bloody inside, which is perfectly normal to eat!

We had a bit of struggles opening up the cockles, I even cracked my nail doing so (how embarrassing).  So this nice lady from the boat stall came over and helped open them all up for us!  So kind of her to do this…the locals here are very friendly.

Our entire hearty meal for only 340 Baht!

So I hope this is making you hungry!  Definitely if you do go to Amphawa Floating Market, experiencing this type of dining along the river side is one of the highlights.

After we finally finished our meal, our next thing on the itinerary was to hop on the boat and go for the fire fly night cruise along the river in Amphawa!


=> Read on here to continue on to the final part of Day 2: Fire Fly Night Cruise Along The Amphawa River!



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